Friday, January 18, 2013

Things people shouldn't do

A city officer, Kendell Richburg, was indicted on charges of selling heroin, crack and pot.*

Trial has started for Stanley Brunson, who FHBIII colorfully called an "engine for violent crime."*

"A Baltimore City Circuit Court jury convicted Genesis Collins Jr. of manslaughter and other charges for killing his mother, Audrey Collins, by setting himself on fire, embracing her and refusing to let her go, causing burn wounds that ultimately claimed her life."  

...Art challenge, create work about Genesis Collins Jr. and/or Audrey Collins-- what they look like, in the past, present or future, post a picture of your work to our FB group page and I will organize an exhibit and try to find photos of either of them. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Insanity is Hereditary

Justin George reports the city's 7th homicide.*

Anthony Anderson's family is keeping the pressure on for charges to be brought following Anderson's death in custody.

Del. Frank's Ki Dos in Trouble
Speaking of family names, three young Conaways have been arrested for pot dealing. Frank Melvin the 3rd and sisters Lacynda and Kelly Conaway are nieces of disgraced, defeated city council member Belinda and kids of Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysicbipolar Delegate Frank M. (just M) Jr. (D-40th), son of the kooky City Court Clerk Frank M. Sr. and Register of Wills Mary Conaway. I demand mugshots!

BWHAHA! Booze-cruising legislator Don Dwyer blames his turning to the bottle on the gays and other Republicans, reports Rodericks: "I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my family. You take those personal issues [and] add betrayal on the professional side, and it really gets to be overwhelming." The "betrayal" he felt came when three other delegates, including two Republicans, changed their minds and voted for the same-sex marriage bill that became state law on Jan. 1. "That betrayal really affected me," Dwyer said. "I was physically ill. You pour your heart into an issue like that and it's devastating." No Don, that was the DT's.

DOUBLE BWHAHA! Speaking of bags of dicks, Hassan Giordano reports that homohating /
vote-suppressant jailbird Julius Henson aspires to run for a Senate seat against his former employer Nathaniel McFadden for the city's 45th district. Talk about biting the broom you rode in on. ...surely McFadden had Henson sign a non-disclosure/non-compete before he hired him? ... And like Henson even wants that job-- you know he just wants to bleed the beast and get at that GOP war chest. Well, why not, don't hate the player, hate the game. What do you think he'll name his party boat ... ? 

And huzzah, a compromise on the pit bull ban.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No New Youth Jail in the City

Well, activists, don't say you never get what you want-- the Sun reports O'M has not allotted the $70 million* to build a special jail for our 50 youth offenders. But will any of that money now go to help the youthfully offensive?

It's like Siberia!

The Balto Spectator aka Απολλώς Frank James MacArthur sent me a paper letter. Aren't those always so nice to get? I'd sent him a "sorry you're spending the holidays in jail" note before Xmas and a private Tweet during that last-day-of-November standoff, offering to secure his Waverly place at a moment when it sincerely sounded like the whole thing was going to go in the suicide-by-cop direction. His response was postmarked 12/27/12 and he admits ownership of the shotgun:

"I'm sure my 50-year-old shot gun in a closet put me right up there on Baltimore's dirty dozen most wanted criminals list. God forbid I might actually use it to defend myself in my own home. How very primitive and savage of me."

He goes on to say,

Speaking of primitive and so PoMo, he also hand-wrote a post he wants me to edit and post-- no thanks to that, but I'll put up a Tweeted phone picture because I am nice. Also, I believe that if you think "somebody ought to do something to help" that somebody is you -- maybe you, dear writer, should write him and offer him help.

     Now, walking around with a shotgun hunting down teen vandals, that might be rational. I'm sure the little reprobates in Waverly can piss a person the ef off. But him keeping a shotgun after his conviction? not rational or smart. Not double-checking to make sure your probation requirements have been met and your probation is over? Not rational or smart. If he really thinks cops are out to get him, then don't give them an excuse, duh. Not going directly to the police station with a lawyer to sort things out the nanosecond one hears one is the subject of a warrant is not rational. Yelling "and you call yourself a judge," to Judge Lynn Stewart -- it confirmed everyone's worst suspicions of an impulsive and uncontrolled demeanor. 

What happened to the Spectator is exactly what should happen to people with illegal weapons, they ought to be monitored by the state/Feds, and if they go off the radar and don't report for probation or surrender on a warrant they should be tracked town. Especially if they are also making violent public statements, wether they're making them at Harborplace or on Twitter.

so anyway,
if you would also like a paper correspondence with the Spectator his contact info is left. If you are really a friend of MacArthur (cough, Duane Davis, Tom Kiefaber, cough) then you'll try to help him use this experience positively instead of encouraging him to not take responsibility for himself and using him to further your own self-centered agenda. The next hearing for AFJMcA is Feb 8 FWIW.

ps. So looks like his purported attorney Jill P. Carter was at the bail hearing, but then why did she not make the plea for bail on his behalf in the courtroom and some nervous younger woman was doing it instead? Shrug. 

'my mouth was watering the whole time'

Whoa, an arrest in a homicide before we I* found out it happened: 17-year-old Michelle Adrian of Middletown, MD was allegedly killed by 18-year-old Dorrien Allen* in the 3900 block of Mulberry St. The Ink covers the year's murders one through five.

Major gun summit in town yesterday, featuring Bloomberg and with recommendations delivered to the White House.

What. The. Fuck!! Some poor single Baltimore woman had lunch with an old college pal one Gilberto Valle, now a NYPD cop living in Queens. Valle then allegedly proceeded to go online and share his fantasies of killing, slow- cooking and eating her. Oh, and he also had a dossier on 100 other women, compiled from police dept info. His partner, one Michael Van Hise, posted online about wanting to turn his 3-year-old stepdaughter into a sex slave and offering up his nieces for rape. Just, what..? Good gravy, single ladies, watch out for those old college friends.

From the Feds: drugs, firefighter indicted for porn, six mortgage fraudsters indicted

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crimes of passion, crimes of stupidity

A first-degree murder conviction for Anthony Cole, whose crime of passion was shooting a man who happened to be sitting next to Cole's wife. The man died, the wife survived.

Three were shot last weekend in front of an afterhours joint* on W. North Avenue called the Ras-a-Ter International Restaurant and Club.

Sean Lee- PD photo
Ahso, that "flamethrower" being wielded at the Loch Raven apartments-- which actually singed an officer-- was actually an aerosol can and a lighter. The wielder was one Sean Lee, 44, who a neighbor called police to claim he was breaking into an apartment. Lee's lawyer says he has some "psychological issues."*

Oh those crazy junkies! Another hour-long car chase from the city's Southside drug market up to the county, this one ended in Ruxton.

Robbery suspect
Have you seen this robbery suspect at left? He's been hitting up 7-11s and RoFos.

FBI's preliminary crime data shows rise in violent crime and property crime reports: -SS
WJZ following reports of a police chase, right now criss-crossing between Baltimore City & County. Suspect fled from city drug arrest.

Only God can Judge me for stealing from Fenton's Instagram feed 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

An agreement to overturn the put bull ban?

Is it true? If only Annie Linskey was still on the case... an Examiner is reporting that the General Assembly has come to an agreement to overturn the Pit Bull Ban

Very sad about the suicide of Aaron Schartz, the 26-year-old co-founder of Reddit, who was being prosecuted by the Feds for making JSTOR articles public. Here's a sorry page: the Reddit opiates forum (thnx reader)

Four people killed

So much for the New Year's lull, three people were shot to death and one stabbed last night* (and the weekend isn't even half over yet). Editorial note, I'm not going to keep a 2013 toll-- it's time consuming and also redundant since this info is available elsewhere. But if you are ISO a running homicide tally for 2013 it looks like Cham is keeping one on her page.

More deets on that Loch Raven apt-building blowtorch/flamethrower situation* from someone named Carrie Wells at the Sun (and firewall-less version from the Deuce. WMAR is pretty worthless for the local news, except on weekends, when it's actually pretty decent).

Oh fer ef's sake-- an 88-year-old robbed at gunpoint at the York Road Walgreens and Middle School students robbed on Regester Ave in the area right north of the city line on York Rd. (aka Idlewylde).

There's a gun show at the fairgrounds. Fun times.

'Makeshift flamethrower'

Life in prison for a guy who shot three officers because he didn't want to go to jail for possessing a handgun.

A barricade situation involving a "makeshift flamethrower" in a senior-living apartment complex at 6301 Loch Raven Blvd.

Fenton Tweets that while homicide has been called out to a couple of shootings, still no more homicides yet this year besides the baby(!)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The sweetest girl on MySpace

Alycia Hoffman may be the sweetest girl on MySpace, but yesterday she was the craziest byatch on four wheels, injuring three police officers in a wackadoo chase following a drug buy that started in the city and ended with a fancy police-car box-in maneuver in the county. What do you think, PCP, crack or meth?

We've "only" had one murder so far this year, but 11 shootings

Apparently Harry Reid snuck provisions into Obamacare that prohibit wellness programs from having doctors ask about the presence of guns a house, and doesn't make exceptions for parents of young children, abused spouses or suicidal people. Doctors are also not allowed to track gunshot wounds or collect gun-injury data, which would seem to be an execution shot to JHU's Center for Gun Research.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Street life, corporate life, life sentences

"Urban terrorist"/Grand Am driving career stick-up brothers Evan and Christopher Foreman started out robbing drug dealers and illegal immigrants, likely mentored in the robbing arts by brothers Michael, 45, and Brian, 39. The fraternal team went on to stage some very thought-out robberies of check-cashing stores, cash-for-gold stores and banks. Evan was sentenced to 24 years and 6 months* in the federal system, Michael got 12 years, Brian 4 1/4 years.
  For his part, Judge James Brednar called Christopher Foreman "depraved," and quipped, "you don't dip your toe in the water of bank robbery."
  "I don't think the court knows the street life," remarked his mother Darraux Horton, 59, who started her parenting career at age 14.

One Marcus Troy Evans, left, was arrested for a Christmas-day beating of a gay man on North Milton Avenue. Apparently Evans was arrested two days after the beating on drug charges but was released on bail six days ago, in spite of the new drug charges, recent domestic violence charges and a rap sheet that includes numerous assaults, gun charges and burglaries. What dingdong of a judge made that call, I wonder? His trial will be at 8:30 a.m. on Jan 29th at 1400 N. Avenue room 3. As an aside, I see Evans' bail bondsman was Lee Dixon was an agent for Milton Tillman's Four Aces bail bonds. Now that Tillman and son are in the federal pen I see Lee Dixon's working for what's been renamed* as Global Surety and Services, but is still a subsidiary of FCS of Houston, TX. It looks like they're hiring new "agents" if you're ISO a career change. It sounds like it's pretty much like being an insurance agent, only your client is the court and gay-bashing, drug-dealing burglars are your beachfront real estate.

Speaking of gay-bashing, outspoken homohater Don Dwyer says he "sought help" following the wreck of The Legislator; he's attended AA meetings and an alcohol intervention class (like, the same class every person arrested on alcohol-related charges has to go to?).  Happiest of all, he also says he's not planning to run for re-election.

Fenton leafs through the Dead Man Inc. corporate handbook* following an evening trailing the police and a BPD-TV camera crew en route to a shooting on Mannasota Avenue, where victims were transported to the hospital by "private car." (Meaning someone didn't want to wait for the ambalance and drove them to the hospital?)

One man turned himself in and two more were arrested* on charges related to a Thanksgiving road rage incident in Owings Mills.

In PGC you can trade Tide® for crack.

O'Malley says that the DP in MD is two votes close to repeal.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First homicide of 2013 = a baby

That does not bode well. The first murder of the year was a 7-month-old baby, Kendell Brown, killed by his own father, Francois Brown. Also the first baby of 2013 was a preemie born to an obese mother.

The Phylicia Barnes sex tape will be played in open court.* Euugh.

Dead Man Inc.'s Perry "Rock" Roark was officially given life in prison.* The current leader of the gang, James Sweeney, says Roark is a "snitch," Roark's lawyers dispute this. Roark says he's "a clear product of my environment."

A robbery sting netted some BGF members*

A massive child-pornography sweep netted 245 pervs nationwide and internationally, including one Robert Marzola of Essex, left.

The third trial for Espinoza and Canela, the alleged killers of three children, will happen in March*

The city plans to replace all 83 of the $450k-worth of speed cameras* that they bought.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: the Year that Was

361 posts we did this year. Cray cray!

So, here's a quick recap of the year's most interesting nuggets. The 197th homicide file for 2011 was Phylicia Barnes. Her accused killer, Michael Johnson, was set to go on trial August 13 of 2012, but various postponements and motions have us started 2013 with no jury seated yet.

About this time last year, the cover was closed on the slim novella that was Adam Meister n' Frank Conaway keruffle, but not before Team Conaway brought toilets and megaphones to Meister's house, distasteful anti-Semetic sentiments were bandied about and Meister posted a classic AfrAm article that noted Frank Conaway's arrest for wife-beating 40 years ago.

DNA evidence helped bring about the conclusion of the Skateworks gang-rape trial, the leader of the crew that victimized a 12-year-old girl got 10 years.

February brought reports of drones crisscrossing the Baltimore skies, 1999 Owings Mills High grad Majid Khan pleading guilty at Gitmo and promising to snitch on other detainees (so will he be going to the 15th reunion, or what?) and the (presumably) accidental death of 13-year-old Monae Turnage, who was shot to death by a 13-year-old boy playing with a gun he found under his mom's bed. The boy, his 12-year-old friend and their mom* Vernoica Alford (like the plea!) buried Turnage's body under trash bags, and for reasons unknown city officer John Ward put the murder weapon in his car. The 13-year-old was sent to a juvie facility for >3 years.

In March, SRB told BHO that she's not going to enforce the country's immigration laws. City police officer Daniel Redd pleaded guilty to dealing heroin from the NW district police-station parking lot, in September he got 20 years. The second trial for the brothers Travers and Tremayne Johnson kicked off. The boys were accused of setting a pit bull on fire, in April a jury took an hour to find them not guilty. Travers has also faced burglary, 2nd-degree attempted murder and handgun charges, he's on probation. In August Tremayne was arrested and charged with drug possession. Saint Patrick's Day revelry lead to a caught-on-video beatdown that made national news. And charges were dropped in the case anti-abortion activists hate to love, that of two eeeeeeee NJ doctors who started late-term abortions in the Guido state and ended them in Cecil County. Where they kept a freezerful of fetuses. And three nine-year-old girls and an 8-year-old boy were removed from school in handcuffs after they tried to drown a kid.

In April, life in prison for Malcolm Pulliam, who shot the owner of the Blessed Productions hair salon in the head four times, the blessed woman's life was saved by her blessed hairdo.  ... and I wonder what happened to the blogging crackhead at The Relapse Diary, who posted for three months then stopped? Speaking of relapses, boozy-cruisy Carl Snowden was arrested -- on 4/20, no less-- puffing on a blunt in a car parked by Druid Hill Park with the windows down (and in the company of a sex offender). He was convicted on charges and got 60 days in jail (suspended, of course), and retired (meaning, departed with pension, I assume) his job as head of Gansler's Civil Rights division in the Attorney General's office last week (a no-show job if I ever heard of one). He is/was also the chairman of the Annapolis Housing Authority.

In May, TAB blogged about Towson's hipster bandit, who turned out to be one Jason Lee Hadelman, a bohunk yokel career stick-up guy from York, PA in "disguise," likely busted by his FB self-portraits. More static between certain members of the local African_american activist community and certain chosen people as the Shomrim case wrapped up, with Hebrew hammer Eliyahu Werdesheim found guilty of second-degree assault and false imprisonment * and given no jail time for hopping out of his Miata to break a suspicious-looking teenager's arm. The 15-year-old victim, Corey Ausby, refused to testify against him. Jeff Barnd was revealed as the voice behind right-wing push-poll robocalls*.

June brought the hundredth homicide of the year, and a photographer punched at HonFest by a large bald man with a pink pimp chalice (wonder if they ever found that guy?) Hampton Mansion's for a "Slave for a Day" event  was renamed after the Park Service got angry phone calls. TAB and I went and shot some guns. And Joan Pratt took the mayor to task for the purchase of $659,000 worth of video phones.

In July, a circumcised man flashed a Roland Park housewife. Gregg Bernstein's son Owen was arrested for hijinks and brawling. The 104th homicide victim was named Yarndragus. Murder charges were dropped* against the alleged co-founder of the Dead Man Inc. prison gang, Perry "Saho the Ghost" Roark, but he pleaded guilty to racketeering and other charges in exchange for life in prison. A 36-year-old HIV-positive man, Steven Podles, used the app Grindr to find and have condomless sex with a 13-year-old boy.

August brought the boozy wreck of Don Dwyer's pleasure boat, The Legislator. Pimp Daniel O'Brien kept his dirty money in a Hennessy box. Sterling Parker, 61, was killed in a dispute over some small children he was babysitting,* wonder whatever happened in that case? Trikki Rikki Spector's illegal billing of the city for her commuting costs to her own district came to light, and nobody cared. Patterson high basketball phenom, 5'7" 147 pound Aquille Carr was arrested for beating on his baby's mom. He was sentenced to some classes at the House of Ruth. Carr finished out the school year at the Princeton Day Academy in Lanham, MD, apparently didn't lose his scholarship and is settling into his dorm at Seton Hall right now.

Hood draping! Napkins as toilet paper! In September a CP cover story schooled us all on the ways of Charles Village's shady ladies. Handlebar moustaches! Pot planes! Stash houses! Scores of conspirators faced charges in the massive Nicka conspiracy. The murder of scientist Peter Marvit (still unsolved) terrified the Herring Run Park area. The police-involved killing of drug addict Anthony Anderson inflamed tensions on the East side. 

The fall seemed to bring on an uptick in crimes against women. There was the murders of Ahjee Herrod, 18-year-old Tashawna Jones and 57-year-old sedan driver Queren Thomas. In October a jogger was raped in Fell's Point. In spite of old allegations that he threw a mug at a lover, Anthony Batts was confirmed as commissioner. Tyrone Alson shot his girlfriend in the head. And 51-year-old Deborah Simon was stabbed to death in her home on Washington Blvd.

November was the election, same-sex marriage, slots and BHO, oh my! Accused child-killers Policarpio Espinoza and Adnan Canela's third trial began. Elmo's creator, Kevin Clash, faced the first of what would eventually be four underage-sex accusers. And the imprisoning of Saho the Ghost in July didn't stop some Dead Mans from harboring drugs and an alligator.

Finally, December. Congratulations for reading up to this point. The Spectator Standoff, the manhunt for the woman who drove over Delma Barnes, a "not criminally responsible" for skitzoid cannabal Alexander Kinuya... and if you want any more you'll have to read the archives yourself.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Facebook friend convicted of 1st-degree murder

A first-degree murder conviction for the killer/robber of one of 2011's #LeakinParkBodies, that of Lois Jean Vance Smyth (a 40-year-old white mother of two, apparently also known as Lois Morman). Killer Kenneth Todd Brunetti was a high school friend the victim had apparently reconnected with on Facebook, who met up with her for jogging, then robbed her, shot her, stuffed her in her own trunk and drove off in her car.

The owner of Blue Agave-- ah yes, that place, it serves the most delightful warm cheese dip!-- is charged with ... raping a patron*?! What?? 

Suspect runs into family's basement, family dog runs into yard, cop shoots and kills the family dog.
Of course the dead dog now has a Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Fenton reports 2012 ended with 217 murders,* Fenton Tweets that a 24-year-old victim shot on Sunday on Bryant Ave died at 11:46 yesterday night.

Adorbz: after officiating the crabtown countdown, SRB made haste to the courthouse to perform the state's first same-sex wedding, that of a couple of sexagenarian dudes, followed by five more weddings (some quinquagenarian lesbians, some cute guys in pink shirts who, reported some station, drove up from South Carolina). Mazel tov!

A man named Sir Keith English Queen Jones was shot to death in Glen Burnie, and his killer is still on the loose.

It's all over but the kvetching for the Hal Katz insurance agency.

Woefully mismanaged Baltimore Behavioral Health has filed for bankruptcy.*

Whawhawha? Short-fingered vulgarian Sam Zell = out of the news biz and the Tribune Co.= out of bankruptcy! Luke and the Justins have now become the chattel of a passel of hedge fund managers, the most prominent of which is Oaktree Capital Management (here's their CEO's apt. at 740 Park... one of his secondary residences). Rumor has it the bankers are more about focusing on the TV business and intend to sell of the Tribune's assets, bit by bit. The Sun is also dropping the AP's stories in favor of Reuters', so no more Ben Nuckols, except via the WaPo I guess. Bew! 

2012's 217 murders

217. Unidentified man, 24, Bryant Avenue (12/31)
216. Monday Griffin, 18, 2500 block of Woodbrook Avenue (12/31)
215. Thomas Cunion, 27, 1100 block of Webb Court, Latrobe Homes (12/24)
214. Rebecca A. Coughenour, 200 block of Atholgate Lane (12/20)
213. Unidentified man, 1700 block of Gwynns Falls Pkwy. 12/18
212. Michael Randolph Robinson Jr., 26, 2800 block of Winwood Court (12/15)
211. Avon Ball, 26, 5200 block of Reistertown Road (12/14)
210. Todd Duffie, 36, 3200 block of Lyndhurst Ave (12/13)
209. Terrell Logan, 24, 1500 block of Shields Place (12/10)
208. Delma Barnes, 35, 5200 block of Frankford Ave (12/7)
207. Angelo Ward, 25, 800 block of Brooks Lane (12/8)
206. Brent Nickens, 22, 2300 block of Westwood Ave. (12/7)
205. Thomas Rawlings, 24, 1800 block of N. Fulton St. (12/7)
204. James Vincent, 55, 400 N. Duncan St (12/2)
203. Paris Russell, 2, 1400 block of Broening Hwy (12/2)
202. Kearrie Dion Ware, one month, 300 block of East 22nd Street (11/25)
201. Tremaine Johnson, 34, 500 block of N. Calhoun St. (11/25)
200. Daqwon Artis, 16, 2200 block of Barclay Ave. (11/25)
199. James Johnson, 22, 1300 block of Laurens St. (11/24)
198. Adonay Garcia-Wilson, 22, 2800 block of Boarman Ave (11/21)
197. Daniel Pearson, 16, block of 2600 Greenmount Ave. (11/20)
196. Richard Erdeck, 3900 block of Woodhaven Avenue (11/18)
195. Richard Redd, 66, 3000 block of Elgin Avenue (11/16)
194. Christopher Briggs, 18, 28th and Fenwick (11/14)
192, 193. Darian Horton, 19, and Allen Horton, 23, 2500 block of W. Lafayette Ave. (11/13)
191. Donnell Bishop, 1800 block of N. Rutland Ave (11/12)
190. Joshua Boone, 26, 5100 block of Goodnow Rd (11/9)
189. Joshua Noble, 25, 500 block of S Lomgwood St (11/6)
188. Deborah Simon, 55, 1200 block of Washington Blvd (11/5)
187. Anthony Diggs, 29, 2600 block of E. Monument St. (shot 3/17/01, d. 11/2012)
186. Lawrence M. Thomas, Jr., 26, 3125 Artaban Place
185. Terrence Seale, 29, 1200 Linworth Ave (11/4)
184. Dewey Hampton, 47, 6000 Marjorie Lane (10/31)
183. Erwin Daniels, 30, 600 block of N. Lakewood Avenue
182. William Simmons, 32, 5318 Carriage Court (11/2)
181. Michael Allen, 40, 1100 block of Homewood Ave (10/30 or 31)
180. Shawn A. Brown, 40, 700 block of N Rose St (10/26)
179. James "Eddy Kane" Utley, 26, 1400 block of E. Preston (10/24)
178. Alonzo Gladden, 24, 3700 block of Victor St. (10/24)
177. Unidentified 60-year-old man, 3100 block of E. Garrison Blvd.
176. Darius Taybron, E. Hoffman and N. Milton
175. Charles Fuller, 19, 3000 block of E Baltimore St (10/14)
174. Tashawna Jones, 18, 300 block E 26th St (10/12)
173. Merv Douglas, 51, 2300 block of N Charles (10/11)
172. Curtis Jones, 28, 600 block of Dumbarton Avenue (10/8)
171. Ahjee Harrod, 16, 6300 block of Fairlawn Avenue (10/7)
170. Dimitri Staten, 37, 1800 block ofW Lanvale St (10/3)
169. Randy Owens, 19, 200 block of N. Fulton Ave (10/3)
168. Sean Melton Sr., 43, 2800 Quantico Avenue (10/3)
166. Queren Thomas, 35, 200 block of Reedbird Avenue (9/29)
165. Nana Mensah, 19, 400 block of South Augusta Avenue (9/28)
164. David Ervin, 41, 3623 Old York Road (9/26)
163. Anthony Kasier, 45, Linwood Avenue (9/24)
162. Will Edmondson, 35, 1800 block of Mosher St. (9/25)
161. Johnny Smith, 74, 2100 Cliftwood Ave. (7/5/1997)
160. Antoine Sellers, 600 Dumbarton Ave
159. Nabil Epps, 34, 2700 W. North Avenue (9/21)
157. Kwame Stern, 22, 3008 Chesterfield Avenue (9/24)
156. Audie Mickens, 24, 1700 Presbury St. (9/23)
155. Clarence Ross, 200 South Pulaski St.
154. Rasheedah Shenae Muhammad, 26, 500 Old Town Mall (9/18)
153. Peter Marvit, 51, 2800 block of Chesterfield Ave (9/17)
152. Miguel Crosby, 500 block of Coventry Rd. (9/15)
Suspicious Death, Unidentified, 900 block of St. Dunstans Rd. (9/13)
151. Freddie King, 38, 2600 Kent St. (9/8)
150. Donte Harris Sr. 21, 2900 block of Rockrose Ave. (8/30)
149. Maurice McCoy, 28, 300 block of Gold St. (9/8)
148. Rudolph Horton, 36, 1400 block of E. Holbrook (9/6)
147. Sherron Small, 42, 5400 block of Seward Avenue (9/4)
146. Unidentified man, 40, 500 block of West Hoffman St. (9/4)
145. Rashawn Muhammad, 20, 2700 Beryl Ave. (9/3)
144. Damon Vaughn, 21, 2600 block of Boone St. (9/3)
143. Jose Carranza, 32, 200 block of South Eaton St. (9/3)
142. Andre Scott, 25, 5600 block of Frankford Avenue (9/3)
141. LaRelle Ashlyn Amos, 22, 4800 block of the Alameda (9/3)
140. Darrien Jackson, 1300 block of Lakewood Avenue (9/1)
139. Joseph Alexander "Alex" Ulrich, 40, 9 E. Chase St. (8/10)
138. Lindale Carrington, 33, 600 block of Brisbane Road 8/24)
137. Kristie Hufnagel, 41, (unknown date prior to 7/21)
136. Terrance Gough, 26, Mountview Road (8/23)
135. Charles Canty, 65, 1700 block of North Carey Street (8/22)
134. Lovell Spencer, 19, 1700 block of Cole Street (8/21)
133. Sterling Parker, 61, 1900 block of Wallbrook Avenue (8/20)
132. Anthony Diaz , 3200 block of Walbrook Ave. (8/20)
131. Robert Hardy Jr., 33, 4200 block of Hamilton Ave. (8/16)
130. Diane Edwards, 53 or 54, 4200 block of Hamilton Ave. (8/16)
128. and 129. Euclides and Troy Manly, 600 block of Linnard St. (8/15)
127. Joseph Alexander "Alex" Ulrich, Jr., 40, 9 E. Chase St. (8/10)
126. Anthony Cureton, 28, 2700 Giles Rd. (8/06)
125. Jeffery Thomas, 24, 3000 W Garrison Ave. (8/04)
124. Ezra Bunch, 27, 5100 Reisterstown Rd. Stabbed: (7/23/12) Added: (8/4/12)
123. Marvin Jones, 30, 3003 Rosedale Ct. (8/03)
122. Janerio Keys, 26, 4400 Parkton St. (8/02)
121. Javon Blackwell, 20, 1200 Poplar Grove St. (8/01)
120. Antwan Bryant, 20, 2400 Frederick Ave. (7/31)
119. Charles Johnson, 50, 1800 W North Ave. (7/30)
118. Jermaine Blue, 30, 1400 block of Poplar Grove St. (7/28)
117. Derian Hampton, 21, 1200 block of North Caroline St (7/27)
116. Herman Regis , 67, 5900 block of Eurith Ave. (7/27)
115. Hamin Bridges, 34, 1000 block of Evesham Ave. (7/26)
114. Franklin Morris, Jr., 34, 1500 block of Smallwood Street (7 /26)
113. Brandon Spruill, 23, 1500 block of McKean Ave (7/23)
112. Darryl Thomas, 32, 4300 block of 6th St (07/17)
111. Quintin Winder, 35, 5500 block of Lothian Rd. (07/16)
110. Vernonda Fenner, 43, 4100 W. Forest Park Ave. Shot:(01/18/01) Died:(05/04)
109. Eric Brown, 43, 3200 Spaulding Ave. (7/08)
108. Lee Lumpkin, 35, 1000 block of Leadenhall St. (7/06)
107. Andrew Davis, 27, 3400 block of Ravenwood Ave. (7/05)
106. Kenneth Williams, 35, 400 block of Laurens St. (7/05)
105. Lance Johnson, 40, 2300 block of Eutaw Place (7/05)
104. Yarndragus Stanton, 26, 1400 block of East Preston St. (7/03)
103. Neal Gaines, 41, 2100 Denison St. (6/29)
102. Lloyd Grant, 600 block of Norfolk Ave. (6/26)
101. Deangelo Bess, 25, 1000 N. Central Ave. (6/24)
100. Lewis Womack, 36, 4000 block of Boarman Ave. (6/20)
99. Tavon Whelchel, 18, 2100 block of W. Pratt St. (6/19)
98. Desmare Braxton, 1, 800 block of North Stricker St. (6/13)
97. Ronald Dawson, 28, 2600 block of W. Patapsco Ave. (6/11)
96. Vernon Williams Jr, 19, 400 block of E. 21st St. (6/08)
95. Donnie Robinson, 23, 3600 block of Beehler Ave. (6/05)
94. Thomas Mattox, 26, 4400 block of Pall Mall Rd. (6/05)
93. Leon Thornton, 22, 4400 block of Pall Mall Rd. (6/05)
92. Charles Goodman, 23, 3400 block of East Lombard St. (6/04)
91. Michael Sullivan, 55, 5514 Belair Rd. (6/04)
90. Edmond Dabney, 64, 4600 block of Pimlico Ave. (6/03)
89. Antonio Mattison, 42, 1200 block of E. Lafayette Ave. (6/02)
88. Desean Bowman, 18, 1400 E. Fayette St. (6/02)
87. Calvin Matthews, 25, 3000 block of E. Preston St. (5/31)
86. Quintin Butler, 30, 1100 Myrtle Ave. (5/29)
85. Ettice Jones, 47, 1200 block of Woodbourne Ave. (5/28)
84. Amber Brown, 24, 3100 block of Hamilton Ave. OD'd: (4/18) Added: (05/28)
83. Olivia Palmer, 6 Months,1600 block of E. Coldspring Lane (5/27)
82. Dawan Evans, 25, 600 block of Pitcher St. (5/26)
81. Lanell Ausby, 22, 2500 block of Edgecombe Circle (5/26)
80. Andre Curry, 28, 2600 block of East Preston St. (5/24)
79. James Shird, 18, 4600 block of York Rd. (5/24)
78. Jacqueline Laster, 47, 2500 block of West Fayette St.. (5/24)
77. Tavon Frederick, 35, 3300 block of Westerwald Ave. (5/23)
76. Sylvester Rodgers, 58, 600 block of N. Carey St. (5/22)
75. George Stevenson, 43, 2600 block of Matthews St. Stabbed: (04/24) Died:(5/18)
74. Dominique Barnes, 20, 2600 block of Matthews St. (5/20)
73. Jeffrey McFadden, 35, 2000 block of Frederick Ave (5/14)
72. Travis Miller, 27, 1100 block of N. Milton Ave. (5/14)
71. Lacy Lamb, 19, 1600 block of East 32nd St. (5/13)
70. Dominick Brown, 24, 200 block of Herring Ct. (5/13)
69. Derrick Lawson, 33, 4000 block of West Franklin St. (5/13)
Thomas Weddington, 34, 2600 block of Park Heights Terrace (5/13)
68. Christopher Mobley, 28, 3400 block of Piedmont Ave. (5/08)
67. Cornell Booker, 46, 300 block of Whitridge Ave. (5/08)
66. Terrence Anderson, 19, 600 block of North Eutaw St. (5/08)
65. Shavar Little, 28, 1900 block of Aisquith St. (5/08)
64. Robert Bond, 21, 3000 Oakley Ave. (5/06)
63. Quintin Poindexter, 18, 4100 Alto Rd. (5/05)
62. Cheryl Thomas, 44, 400 Cummings Ct. (5/03)
Suspicious Death, Unidentified Male, 5500 block of Belleville Ave. (4/29)
Suspicious Death, Karen Huskey, 25, 600 block of West Ostend St. (4/29)
61. Rayner Veney, 51, 3400 Ravenwood Ave. Shot: (6/20/11) Died: (04/27/12)
60. Cortez Lemon, 23, 400 W. Saratoga St. (4/27)
Michael Williams, 45, 2500 Harlem Ave. (4/25)
59. Floyd Dorsey, 59, 4100 Norfolk Ave. (4/24)
58. Mark Day, 43, 1500 W. North Ave. Shot: (08/23/10) Died: (3/14)
57. Willie Battle, 19, 2700 block of Boarman Ave. (4/23)
56. Somchanh Sipayboun, 37, 5400 block of Hillburn Ave. (4/23)
55. Derrick Smith, 33, 3200 Belair Rd. (4/18)
54. Marvin Buckson, 29, 1700 N Spring St. (4/17)
53. Torey Garrison, 34, 4700 Liberty Heights Ave. (4/16)
52. Ricardo Mabray, 27, 1300 Aisquith St. (4/16)
51. Clarence Nicholson, 31, 2000 block of Rayner Ave. (4/15)
50. Phillip Scott, 34, 1900 block of Etting St. (4/15)
49. Brandon Simms, 23, 400 block of Watty Ct. (4/13)
48. Leslie Johnson, 30, 800 Jack St. Shot:(1997) Died: (01/30)
47. Justin Marasa, 22, 1400 block of Holbrook St. (4/08)
46. Robert Laney, 33, Kirk Ave. & Fillmore St. (4/08)
45. Jermaine Shuron, 37, 1700 block of North Calhoun St. (4/07)
44. Dion Brandon, 30, 900 Belgian Ave. Shot:(2005) Died: (04/02)
43. Javell Heath, 19, 1100 E Belvedere Ave. Shot:(3/27) Died: (03/29)
42. Marcus Williams, 29, 1000 block of E. 22nd St. (4/01)
41. Chauncey Hardy, 59, 900 block of Valley St. (3/30)
40. Tyree Cypress, 19, 6200 block of Pioneer Dr. (3/27)
39. Aaron Evans, 5 Months, 3000 block of Baker St. Died:(1/30) Added: (03/27)
38. Adam Robinson, 26, 4000 block of Idaho Ave. (3/25)
37. Rodrick Burden, 18, 800 block of West Fayette St. (3/24)
36. Ronnell Chaney, 20, 500 block of E. 21st St. (3/20)
35. Jonathan Hutchinson, 24, 1600 block of Traction St. (3/21)
34. Dexter Jones Jr., 23, 2600 W North Ave. (3/20)
33. Dominic Thornton, 37, 6400 E Pratt St. (3/19)
32. Gregory Parker, 54, 2300 E Chase St. (3/16)
31. Fareed Caldwell, 25, 3500 W Belvedere Ave. (3/16)
30. Timothy Harris, 47, 900 block of N. Port St. (3/13)
29. Sherard Houston, 38, 1000 E Hoffman St. (3/10)
28. Javon Johnson, 21, 2200 W. North Ave. (3/07)
27. Steven Fields, 19, 3500 W. Mulberry St. (03/05)
26. John Edwards, 17, 3500 W. Mulberry St. (03/05)
25. Tyrice Forney, 21, 400 block of Oxford Ct. (03/04)
24. Monae Turnage, 13, 1600 block of Cliftview Ave. (03/04)
23. Terrence Joyner, 42, 4500 block of Marble Hall Rd. (03/04)
22. Oswaldo Santana, 21, 4700 Blk Windsor Mill Rd. (02/29)
21. Mya Carr, 5, 3400 block of Callaway Ave. (02/28)
20. Guy Randall, 46, 400 block of North Kenwood Ave. (02/25)
19. Thomas Atkins Jr., 32, 2200 block of North Fulton Ave. (02/23)
18. Orville Chamblee, 47, 2700 block of E. Chase St. (02/19)
Brandon Washington, 26, 1600 block of North Bond St. (02/17)
17. Jerry Isaac, 22, 2800 block of Greenmount Ave. (02/13)
16. Kyndal Staten, 27, 5200 block of Darien Rd. (02/12)
15. Johnny McFadden, 62, 2900 block of Haverford Rd. (02/09)
14. Gregory Kearney, 28, 900 E. Preston St. (02/06)
13. Corey Alexander, 31, 5700 block of Nasco Pl. (02/01)
12. Norris Conley, 26, 4300 block of Greenhill Ave. (02/01)
11. Shayvon Booker, 19, 200 block of S. Loudon Ave. (01/29)
10. Travis Spencer, 24, 4400 Park Heights Ave. (01/27)
9. Audrey Collins, 68, 3600 Cottage Ave. Died:(09/01/11)Added:(01/20)
8. Dominic Hope, 32, 1600 block of West Baltimore St. (01/20)
7. James Rice, 18, 4300 block of Cedargarden Rd. (01/18)
6. James Hunter, 30, 500 block of Edgewood St. (01/12)
5. Joseph Curtis, 65, Southwest Baltimore Alley. Died:(05/28/11)Added:(01/09)
4. Raymon Parrott, 35, 4100 block of Mariban Ct. (01/08)
3. Doral Hinton, 27, 2400 block of Ashland Ave. (01/06)
2. Mary Hines, 84, 2600 block of E. Biddle St. (01/05)
1. Bruce Royster, 62, 4000 block of Edgewood Rd. (01/03)