Thursday, March 27, 2014

Booze Cruise

Update, there's someone in custody* for the above stabbing.

Johniece Sheppard, 21, was killed and two others, a 17-year-old girl and man, were shot in a brutal home invasion* Tuesday night in the 3800 block of 8th street in Brooklyn. An alleged BGF member, one Laser Womack, has been arrested and charged.

Oh, and there were *no* shootings last weekend.

Ian Duncan explores how accused cop-shooter Gregg Thomas (and a bazillion other perps) got out of jail after serving less than 10 years for murder on account of his "good behavior."* 

Just because some guy's last name is Humbert does not make it okay to trump up charges against him and nickname him the "Charles Village Rapist." Quarles' ruling has some interesting details about the case, and wait a minute, does this mean that the Charles Village Rapist is still out there?

Down in Lothian a helpful neighbor whacked his neighbor's stalker with a pipe-- and is now facing attempted murder charges.
Edwin Lamont Fletcher

Police are ISO one Edwin Fletcher, 31, who allegedly assaulted cops and rammed a car in Salisbury while trying to escape arrest on felony drug charges. Probably he's in Baltimore city, because everyone loves to flee to Baltimore city.

With the Nikita Levy case closed we're learning that dude had more than 1,200 images and videos* in his collection.

It's about time! Ozzy Osbourne Inc. has sent a cease-and-desist to the Brewer's Art for their Ozzy ale, which rather shamelessly features an image of his hand on the damn can.

Some enterprising boozehounds stole half a million buck$ worth of Hennessey cognac from FP Winner LTD. That 2,142 cases.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Letters for AJ

How much does it cost a developer to wheedle $400 million worth of goodies out of city hall? Oh, just guess. Lower... lower... ok, $21,750. Apparently a lobbyist is a mere $1500.

A fatal police-involved shooting in Parkville*, the deceased was ID'd as Ryan Charles Deitrich, 21. A man was also shot and killed by police in Salisbury.

Surprising but true: after a deadly January, homicides are actually down for the moment.*

Vernan Lee Cowan got 30 years tacked onto his sentence for killing cellmate Ricky Bailey. Not to be confused with homicide victim Ricky Bailey who died last December 8.

City officer Charles Hagee, who was on Jessamy's "do not call" list, was arrested after calling a call girl* (who was 14. Wonder if she really exists?).

Maryland men's motorcycle meth club conspiracy case comes to close. Also the Outlaws have an app on Facebook.

His mom says he's innocent, but it's not looking good for accused cop killer Gregg Thomas,* what with the gun being found in his house. Oh, and he served 10 years for murder.

Old but notable news:
WBAL apologized for their reporter John Patti's sloppy-azz Columbia mall shooting coverage,* in which it was claimed that the victims were involved in a love triangle. In fact, there's no evidence that the victims and the shooter had ever even met. Whoops!

Anthony "AJ" Jones
80's kids will remember:* Wergy Tergy puddin' pie, his brother snitched so he made him die*? He's been in solitary for sixteen years and completely isolated from jailhouse peers. But the lawyer says he's not the drug lord he used to be, so now Anthony Jones can call his family.
    Other memorable moments from AJ and his friends: trying to kill a rival with Drano in a syringe* and dressing up like BGE workers to try to kill him again. Putting on Ronald Reagan and George Bush masks with his pal Mookie,* his lieutenant who escaped out of Judge Prevas' bathroom window* to play hooky. It took more than 100 witnesses to take down his businesses.* But he bought children ice cream on hot days* so neighbors turned a blind eye when he set witnesses ablaze. Also, he threatened to kill their mothers, and from jail tried to kill his own stepbrother. It might make a good movie or a miniseries-type show, but if you weren't from Baltimore would you believe it? Probably no.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Horse, Meet Hen

Gregg Thomas

Danyae Robinson, 31, and Derrick Brown, 20, were convicted of the shooting that killed 12-year-old Sean Johnson.

There's an impressive interview-- WJZ hottie Rochelle Richie interviewed Baltimore's Most Wanted Gregg Thomas on his way to turn himself in-- Richie then flagged down officers in case Thomas changed his mind. Thomas' mom says he didn't do it. The officer is in critical-but-stable condition.*

A woman was attacked by a pack of teenagers in Canton. And the Southeast got through a week with only two reported robberies, wow!

A day before the Board of Estimates is set to approve repayment of $3.7 million in missing or misspent federal funds for the homeless, accusations of no-show jobs in the mayor's IT department.* Council VP Ed Reisinger: "Who's watching the hen's house? We can't wait until the horse gets out of the gate."

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aggravating Salience

Antwain Eccles, 33, was convicted of first-degree murder after killing an unnamed victim after an argument at a party.

Two teenagers were assaulted on the #15 bus near Ensor and Madison Streets.

A man was shot around 1:30 a.m. in the 5800 block of Belair Road.

Police are ISO this cranky-looking aggravating assailant who assaulted someone at a Reistertown BP station.

@JohnsHopkinsSPH live-Tweeted @DavidMKennedy1 's comments.

And Fenton in live-Tweeting SRB's Douglass High meeting on the West side.

The BPD wants $700,000 more taxpayer dollars for more CCTVs.

SRB got odd with reporters trying to confirm that she's running for re-election in 2015, possibly because she already confirmed that three years ago.* Or maybe she was being funny?

U of MD running back Wes Brown found with loaded gun, drugs, ammo in dorm room.*

HoCo police confirmed that the Columbia Mall shooter had mental health issues and no connection to his victims.

The NSA has been spying on people via a Facebook server.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Jowan Louis Henry, 17, was stabbed to death on Mura Street Saturday night.

Charles Dante Patterson and Kenneth Alexander Brooks II of the 21206 have been charged in the shooting that led to a 2-year-old being struck with shrapnel in Overlea.

A department directive that's been in place for more than a year* and the $250k settlement the BPD just agreed to pay to Christopher Sharp* has apparently had zero apparent effect on the officers on the street, as evinced by this officer bullying, harassing and shoving Sun reporter Christopher Assaf.
In case you didn't hear, missing 11-year-old Caitlyn Virts and her father were found at the Colonial Inn in Florence, SC after the motel owner recognized them from Facebook. Also, rooms at the Colonial Inn are $36 night.*

Liars, liars, pants afire: The Sun's Luke Broadwater and Scott Calvert obtained more city documents re. Brekford's speed cameras,* proving yet again that officials were lying liars when they said Brekford's contact was ended because of problems with one camera and a misprint of the company's mailing address. In other news, the Brew reports that after 14 years Scott Calvert is leaving the Sun for the Wall Street Journal.

Those Ravens just can't stay out of trouble! Now an offensive lineman, Jah Reid, was arrested for being offensive at a Florida strip club.

In HarfCo, "Teen Stabs Friend During Sleepover"

Not Baltimore but a riveting read: CT shooter Adam Lanza's father talked to Andrew Solomon of the New Yorker.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Imminent Danger

 This is all very bad. A woman was found dead, homicide is suspected and 11-year-old Caitlin Virts has disappeared* with her non-custodial parent Timothy from Dundalk. An Amber Alert was issued, plz be ISO a black 1999 Dodge Durango with Maryland license plates 5AJ4458, call 911 if u see. Authorities say she is "not supposed to be with her father."

In the NW, 14 people, one nicknamed "Bubbles," arrested for selling "Hellraiser" and "Rick Ross"- brand heroin.

In less urgent news, interesting developments in the case of one David Shimon/ Shimony, a counterfeit currency case with links to Israel and South Ossetia, Georgia that we first blogged about way back in 2007. The story might have been forgettable but then a few years later we got a letter from a Towson law firm requesting to take the post down citing "imminent danger," to their client, so we took the post down, even the tidbit about a Dial-A-Porn connection. Then few months later we got an email and phone call from someone claiming to have been scammed by this person, requesting that we put the info back up. So we did. We just do what people tell us to do, basically.
    Then, until 2012, no contact. But then the lawyer letters returned to our inboxes, from one Charles J. Bishow at Friedman & Friedman LLP. And then we got a tip from someone in CA who runs a blog about timeshare properties, of all things, who had been alerted by a reader about a sketchy-sounding timeshare company called on Clarks Lane with a defunct web site. The timeshare blogger did a little digging, and here's what he found: 21 aliases or companies, and as court documents show, Hayim Sharon is one, and more than $12 million in judgements against him and also a sentence modification for crack use.
   A different tipster also found that he is now claiming to be a home inspector, though no home inspector is registered in the state by that name. Since his release David Shimon/Shimony's been involved with the companies Azimot, LLC, Innovative Products, We Show Talent LLC and Capital Property Consulting ("Unwanted Inheritance? Together we can find a solution."), which claims to be in the Legg Mason Tower yet, strangely, doesn't have a web site. The company claims an 8 1/4-15% ROI and is also selling very cheap properties in Florida and renovating properties in Canton. Capital Property is in turned owned by Green Shift Energy LLC., which this guy also claims he owns.
   The 2007 court documents also connect Shimony to JLR Development LTD, a $17 million ponzi scheme/money laundering operation busted in 2008.
    And here he is with Bob and Kendall Ehrlich. Small world, small town!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


After 44 years, Marshall "Eddie" Conway, now 67, has been released from prison* under the Unger ruling. Conway was on "Democracy Now" this morning (at the 10-minute mark). The Baltimore branch of the Black Panther Party was apparently actually founded by officers in the Baltimore Police Department at the order of the NSA/FBI as part of a counterintelligence program called the COINTELPRO Ghetto Informant Program (GIP) operation BLACK HATE, which sought to "neutralize" local political activists after the Baltimore Riots. GIP employed about 7,000 agents between 1968 and July 1973. Conway claims an unknown member of the BPD framed him for officer Donald Sager's murder and for wounding another officer; prosecutors claim that the detail of a stolen watch tied Conway to the case. In 2001 the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution urging then-gov Glendening to pardon Conway,* a notion police and prosecutors fought vigorously.

Monday night in Overlea a two-year-old in a van was struck by shrapnel after someone shot at the van.

City officer Alec Taylor was arrested on animal cruelty charges in MoCo after beating a 7-month-old puppy to death.

The man who died of a heart attack after an altercation with MTA officers was identified as Antonio Moreno, 67.*

Short-fingered vulgarian Sam Zell of Tribune Company fame is is #8 on Salon's list of the 1%'s most stunning narcissists for his money quote "The 1 percent work harder, the 1 percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society."

County police are ISO alleged Towson Target robber Razino Brooks.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Grumpy Old Men

William Brown
One Andre Hill, 50, was stabbed to death in the 3600 block of Seven Mile Lane,* and "person of interest" is in custody, 53-year-old William Brown.

Kevin Carroll
Kevin Barnell Caroll, 34, was charged for the murder of MTA driver Craig Ray Jr.  Ray was shot in the back in what his family* and police say was an ongoing argument about loud music.*

Back in the old BCrime archives, a commenter noted that the case of Zukael Stephens, accused of beating transgender activist Marcus Rogers to death and setting his apartment on fire in 2006, has become an episode of "Forensics: You Decide." Spoiler alert, Stephens was mistakenly released by prosecutors who mistakenly dropped all charges* somehow then was later found not guilty by a jury.*

Police say the murder of Sean Johnson, 12, in 2011
,* was the result of the BGF's Danyae Robinson, 31, and Derrick Brown, 20, going on a random rampage to send a message.

Someone set a Cadillac SUV on fire in Brooklyn, police are looking for a suspect who possibly has "burned hands."

Reason 5,364 why I will miss the City Paper so, so much: stories such as "Money-laundering case sheds light on Maryland's grease-theft economy." Apparently selling used grease is a way to launder money. TIL. 

WTF, you guys? A woman in labor and her partner were robbed at gunpoint * allegedly by the two guys at right, 24-year-old Devery Kelley of Annapolis and 44-year-old Cornell Robinson of Washington, D.C. Now that is cold. Meanwhile Del. Mary Washington has introduced a bill to stop the shackling of inmates during labor, birth and recovery, the House Judiciary Committee has passed an amended bill and tomorrow there's a Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing. ... Starting to think that men don't really get what labor is about, if they think it's necessary to be all with the shackling and the guns and such.

Corrections lieutenant Jason Weicht was acquitted of civil-rights and obstruction-of-justice conspiracy charges-- the only one of the 15 charged in the beating death of Kenneth Davis to not be convicted of something.

Shots were fired at McDaniel College in sleepy Westminster, and Sunday morning someone tried to rob a student with a knife.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

But... gangs!

Craig Ray Jr.
The family of the MTA bus driver Craig Ray Jr. says he was shot to death in the back because he asked his neighbor to turn down loud music.

And for two recent homicides there is a person in custody,* victims Terry Davis, the 48-year-old nurse on the Alameda, and Ina Jenkins. Police are terming both of these as "domestic," whatever that exactly means (I think it now just means "not about drugs."). The person arrested for Davis' death, Donathan Booth, claimed to have been in a long-term relationship with him before killing him for his BMW. But Jenkins lived in Curtis Bay, quite far from where she was found, and police aren't saying what the connection is between her and her suspected killer Robert Lee Copes Jr., who has a criminal record that includes burglary and assault.

A 27-year-old man was shot to death last night* in the 700 block of N. Augusta Avenue.

June Stansbury was convicted of two counts of attempted murder, three counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, five counts of use of a handgun in the commission of a felony or crime of violence, burglary, and related conspiracy charges. He shot two people during the course of an armed robbery, one victim was 19 and one stabbed June in the neck while it was all going down. The case was covered by Charles Village courtwatcher Steve Gewirtz.

oo boy, Anne Arundel Chief of Police Mike Pristoop will never live down repeating information* from satyrical web site the Daily Current ("Ann Coulter Refuses to Board Plane With Black Pilot," "Obamacare Death Panel Orders First Execution") as part of his anti-pot-legalization testimony in Annapolis. The story has gone from 45 to 100+ reports in a few hours and has been picked up by sites such as BuzzFeed, Forbes and the Huffington Post.

SRB doesn't want to be like Schmoke, but just like Schmoke her administration's been busted playing it fast and loose with HUD money and will have to pay back $3.7 million.*

Facts to store for future reference: GBMC is the only hospital in Baltimore County certified to administer rape kits, and Mercy hospital is the only hospital in the city.

"You have no rights." A county officer was put on administrative leave after getting lippy and using double negatives with a student who was legally recording an arrest in Towson outside of the Greene Turtle.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chronicle of Rogues

An MTA bus driver, Craig Ray Jr., was shot to death* in South Baltimore, killed on the block where he lived.

A homeless man with a pellet gun is in critical condition after being shot by police* outside of the city homeless shelter on Fallsway.

Two parents were arrested for child abuse after their teenage boys were rescued from their filthy, unheated boat.

On the heels of the state being given a D- for integrityJill Carter and friends have sponsored a bill that would create a state Public Information Act Compliance Board. There's already an Open Meetings Compliance Board,* FWIW, though the most they can apparently do is fine $100-$1000.

Bernstein has filed for re-election and his campaign manager is Chad Kinney, former CitiStat director. And he shares a PR/media relations specialist with the Rusty Scupper and the Prime Rib.

Sabein C. Burgess was cleared on murder charges, 19 years after he went to jail.*

Have you seen an unknown black man in a black hoodie with an unknown handgun in black shorts? You could be eligible for $$!

So they're all grandstanding about pot legalization and taxation in Annapolis. Two-thirds of gubernatorial candidates and 53 percent of MDers support it, but if you think it has a prayer of passing you haven't hung around long enough. Maryland arrests 23,000 pot users a year at the cost of more than $100 million to taxpayers, not to mention fines, fees and lost wages for the arrested. That's a lot of fingers in the .. pot. Still, it's Mizeur's time to shine!
And oh lawd, the AAC police chief's testimony against the pot has spread like wildfire and made national news! If you didn't hear, Chief Michael Pristoop cited a story from the Daily Currant, a satyrical web site (another headline: "Obama Appoints Oprah As Ambassador to Russia"). "Everyone in the room dropped their laptops," Sen. Raskin told the WaPo (wait, literally?) Later Tuesday afternoon Pristoop apologized* for repeating an "urban legend."

A Glen Burnie man arrested for a parking-lot stabbing has a really weird beard.*

Our favorite Criminal Justice Lawyer Page Croyder is running against Judge Alfred Nance, on account of his well-known inappropriateness. But does she have a full platform, or is she just a protest candidate? Meanwhile the gov has appointed 23 judges.*

Monday, February 24, 2014

Short, Rich and Gone

El Chapo
Didja read this one? Didja hear about it? Sinaloa Cartel capo "El Chapo" (which translates to "corn pudding" or "shorty") aka Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, was arrested at a Mexican beach resort. At some point the cartel had/has tendrils that stretched to Baltimore, with eight locals (one of whom had a tie to city comptroller Joan Pratt ) arrested on assorted drug charges during "Operation Xcellerator" from 2006-2008. In addition to his shortness, Chapo is famous for escaping prison in the laundry like Little Orphan Annie, being named Chicago's Most Wanted in spite of never setting foot in Chicago, looking kind of like a cross-eyed John Ritter at a young age and for his decades-younger mistress boldly birthing their little twin chapos at an L.A. hospital.

Speaking of cash crops, marijuana bills are on the Senate's agenda this week.

In what may be the last Van Smith story for the City Paper, coverage about the beating death of inmate Kenneth Davis in state custody.

May be second-to-last: how drug dealer Richard Anthony "Richie Rich" Wolford played himself by pissing off his own lawyer. .
.. Q for anyone: Is there any way to download the City Paper archives before the Sun assumes ownership? Also, how is the Tribune Co. able to buy anything just a year after getting out of bankruptcy?

And another dumb Raven, this time Deonte Thompson, got his dumb self arrested for poking smot in a car on public roads. Meanwhile police say they have video of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out in a NJ elevator. And O'Malley himself was on TMZ, expressing his "tremendous amount of disappointment." Disappointment, really? I guess after having drug dealers burn a family to death it takes a lot to achieve "horrifying." 

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Waste of Your Pants

Sixteen months ago Tammy Brown, director of O'Malley's office of Crime Control and Prevention, told me there was no DNA backlog.* Now apparently the backlog is a year long.

Jason Bulmer, one of a pair who allegedly killed HoCo blogger Dennis Lane, has pleaded guilty.*

The Daily Mail of the UK explored Baltimore's "people of the woods."

Ugh, these twits. Starve-a-me Galling-Flake is "appalled" by the "disproportionate high" arrest rates for black pot possessors, but refuses to offer an explanation for why police are arresting so many people, a plan or support for decriminalization or lower penalties.
     Meanwhile Anthony Brown has clawed back his announced support for decriminalization.  "He said he is advocating a 'slow-as-we-go" approach.' 'I'm at the red light checking the intersection.'" Could that man have any less personality or backbone?
   And Bernstein has been focusing on diversion,* so good on him for that. But how do we arrest fewer people?
    Can you imagine how much we'd make if it was a $100 ticket? Well, you don't have to, 1,800 people arrested a year = $18,000. Hellz, make it a $1,000 ticket. But it would still pale in how much we'd get from the feds for treatment centers, for the extra inmates at the jail ($40,000 an inmate), not to mention all the lobbying $ the house and senate get from defense attorneys and the like, I guess.

Read more here:

No good, very bad and horrible: The Tribune Company vis a vis the Baltimore Sun Media Group has bought the City Paper, the city's last non-niche independent newspaper and the last indie to be unloaded by Times-Shamrock of Scranton, PA. Everyone will be fired and the re-hires will be decamped to Calvert Street, and if they don't rehire Van Smith I will cut a bitch. Forecast calls for layoffs, shrinkage and lame attempts as being BuzzFeed.
Wow, we haven't had a shooting in a week! Oh wait, here's a police-involved shooting. And, wait,

A Digital Harbor nee Southern High School student was pistol-whipped, robbed by classmates.

Anthony Hopkins convicted in August 2012 Light Rail shooting of an unidentified "target." A witness said: "it appeared Hopkins had a handgun tucked into the waste of his pants"

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rats and Men

So is this why robberies are down? A 16-year-old was robbed, and police refused to take a report unless his mother let him be taken to the station.* Notes the head of a social enterprise, "Often the neighborhoods that you live in determine the style of policing that you will get. If their house was broken into in Roland Park, they wouldn't have to go to the closest precinct. They're not going to prolong the trauma, make them stop what they're doing. It would be filed right then and there."

Two people were stabbed at a 7-11 in the 1300 block of Taylor Avenue in Towson (which is the 7-11 attached to a Subway that's in the parking lot of the Lowes at Taylor and Hillsway).

A 70-year-old woman was robbed in South Baltimore, police have released a video.*

And TMZ released a video that shows Ray Race dragging his finacee's unconscious body in Atlantic City.

"A key witness in a case against two Baltimore City police officers is the target of an incident involving a dead rat left on the windshield of his car." The rat recipient was Officer Crystal, who testified against the now-convicted officers who beat a burglary suspect.

Former Sun columnist Gregory Kane has died at 62.* Pointed and loath to suffer fools, he was a piquant counterpoint to Dan Rodricks' lugubrious laments back in the days where newspapers were mostly perused on pulp. The Sun proffers a hollow lament to their laid-off columnist's passing, but his columns in the Sun archives* are slim pickings-- where is the one where he imagined what Michael Phelps' bong might say? or the one about Dante Parrish (freed by the Innocence Project, went on to murder fey little teen Jason Mattison) or the one about That One Lady on The Jury Who Won't Convict a Black Man, or the one where he uses the term "brobdingnagian"? I suppose we'll have to make do with the one where he pronounces then-mayor  O'Malley unsmart yet not a racist for his "potty-mouth invective"* aimed at Pat Jessamy.
     After his move to the Examiner he seems happier and mellower, writing about movies and Christmas even as cancer put him in "excruciating and agonizing pain." You can see his conservatism taking a modern turn, adopting the name-calling so favored by the right ("Libthink,") calling BS on Amiri Baraka, Oprah and A&E, but still not willing to be totally co-opted by the right's talking points and remaining "soured" on the "War on Drugs."
   Anyway, we've lost a great mind today-- probably no one always agreed with him, but he always made his points with panache, a love of language and a deep and no doubt hard-won understanding of Baltimore life. He won a Pulitzer, too, for his articles about Sudan.*

There is justice, MD says Julius Henson's state senate campaign violates his probation.*

But not for poor defendants: Doug Gansler has asked the court to throw out their ruling that they're entitled to an attorney* at bail hearings.

From Wilmslow Road in Evergreen (aka the slums of Roland Park)--
At approximately 4:00 pm I arrived home and went upstairs briefly in preparation to run some errands.  I heard a strange noise and heavy footsteps downstairs only to find a man in a black coat in our kitchen attempting to steal one of our cats.  (I learned this evening that cats are target for thieves who use them to train pit bulls for dogfighting).  Fortunately, the man grabbed the larger cat who, although completely sweet natured, is armed with a good set of claws.  The man yelled out and the cat escaped out the door.  I ran after the man who pleaded total innocence but decided to chase after my pet rather than detain him.  He swiftly turned the corner heading west on Cold Spring and from a distance I could here him bizarrely saying out loud, "Here kitty, kitty..."  About 30 minutes later I was able to retrieve my terrified cat and bring him back in after a frantic search.  There are two lessons here for us: first, ALWAYS lock your door behind you, even if you're only going to be home a few minutes and second, be mindful of your cats.  They are targets.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Billion with a B

Oh crap, one Terry Davis, 48, was found dead and beaten in a house in the 3900 block of The Alameda.

And two men were shot last night in the 500 block of E. 35th street, one died.

"City Police Search Patterson Park for a Rapist." A sketch was released but it's extremely... sketchy. There's a crime meeting tonight at 7 at the Breath of God Lutheran Church at 141 South Clinton Street.

Jayne Miller did math, discovered Baltimore's crime costs taxpayers one billion dollars a year. That's gif-worthy, baby!

Ricky "if you're not Blood you die" Horton was convicted of killing Sean Rhodes and shooting his own girlfriend and Rudy Hyman* outside the Ras-a-Ter club on North Avenue Jan 13 of last year.

WJZ has uploaded Tyrone West's full autopsy report.

The mayor talked to Dan Roderickzzzzz yesterday and Batts talked to him at noon.
Batts says he's going to fight crime with a focus on 17 'enforcement zones.'* What are those? 'Ultra-concentrated' 'micro-spaces,' of course. But don't ask where they are! "Batts declined to identify the new enforcement zones, saying that 'criminals read the newspaper.'" And the Sun's Yvonne Wenger says the city will spend $305,000 on ShotSpotter technology, which uses a computer program to detect the source of gunshots within a few yards.

Meanwhile, the BPD held a Twitter tweetup in honor of Women in Policing Week, with an actual lady police making answers come out of a computer machine using her brain parts and lady fingers.

Super nice friends posted a GoFundMe request for their pal Eric who was robbed.

Twenty-five federal years for gun-brandishing customer-shooting serial robber Hatratico Smith

HarfCo police shot one Brian Ogle, who was armed with a machete.

In D.C. one Steven Slaughter was arrested after approaching women on the metro, claiming he was collecting money for a charity and then showing them a cell phone photo of his dangly bits.

Via Ian Duncan, one Dellando Campbell was arrested in Lemoore, California for the 2009 murder of Serika Holness in Kent County. Ian Duncan also got an early Valentine from a person in Orlando who owns some very special stamps.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot Violent Repeat Zone Spots

Last night a man was shot in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Ave and died,* a teenager was shot in the face on East Eager street and lived.
Thomas McKnight Marshall

Keep an eye out for Thomas McKnight Marshall, 76, a missing adult in early-stage dementia.

Hazing investigated at Dunbar High.*
The City Council wants hundreds of pages* of speed camera documents.

The Sun endorses SafeCeaseStreetsFire&tm;* This latest iteration will supposedly focus on "violence zones" and "hot spots." Readers are skeptical.*
Related media: The Interrupters, a documentary about a year in Chicago's CeaseFire progam.
Gaithersburg police have a person of interest identified in the kidnapping of two sisters, Shiela and Katherine Lyon, in 1975.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Look at Me! Look at Me!

Club 2 O'Clock on The Block is known for its refinement and its classy, quality entertainment, yet somehow three people --including two teenagers-- were stabbed there this weekend. One, Jesse Clark-Nugent, age 19, died, the other victims were aged 17 and 30. I guess 21 and up is just kind of a suggestion?

Also at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning there was a fight and a man shot in the shoulder at Club YOLO at 4502 Erdman Ave.

And two people were stabbed at the Hot Skates Roller Skating Center in Woodlawn Saturday night.
Maryland Reporter Len Lazarik reports that the cell phone blocking at the jail is also blocking calls outside of the jail a block away. He also notes that Jeffrey Toobin of the New Yorker is working on a longer piece about the city jail's woes.

David Paschall,
via MySpace
Father and son team Chad and David Paschall, 28 and 54, pleaded guilty to selling heroin, Oxycodone and cocaine out of their auto body shop on Desoto Road, and to commercial burglaries in four states. They were apparently allegedly part of a larger 16-person crime ring, and one Carl Paschall was also involved, relation unknown. Their indictment also alleged that they sold drugs inside Lexington Market, and in Jessup prison. Said David during his most recent arrest, "Yeah, I sell Percocets, but it isn't a big deal.*"

The mayor is giving a "state of the city" speech today,* focusing on violent crime. She plans to implement a full-scale Operation Ceasefire, aka Operation Safe Streets. The city launched the program, devised by criminologist David M. Kennedy in 2007 with federal money, but in 2009 a worker was one of 12 people wounded* at the notorious Blackwell Brothers cookout, and SRB herself yanked the funding in 2010 after a DEA indictment tied Safe Streets to multiple members of the BGF. The city re-launched Safe Streets in 2012* after the DOJ proffered $2.2 million to continue the efforts, but the program came into question again last December when Nathan Barksdale, an outreach worker, was indicted for dealing heroin at the behest of the BGF.* Or is this a totally different thing? Explained Fenton,
"Our current Safe Streets program with gang members mediating violence is based off of Chicago’s Ceasefire Program. Kennedy has a program called Ceasefire that involves “call-ins” where dangerous guys are provided services and told to reform or face federal prosecution. When he brought it here in the 1990s, they called it… “Safe Streets.”
So we have Chicago’s Ceasefire and call it Safe Streets, and now we’re bringing in Kennedy’s Ceasefire, which we called Safe Streets before but will presumably now be referring to Ceasefire. "
Michael Campbell
So, ew, Michael Campbell, a man arrested on January 20 for rape and sexual assault of his fiancee's 23-year-old daughter on Hunter Street, is also the athletic director of Whitley County High School in New Jersey Kentucky. Dude is now on unpaid leave,  reports the local Times-Tribune.

Jury selection starts today in the trial of the last two officers charged in the 2008 death of inmate Kenneth Davis at Roxbury in Hagerstown.

Baltimore-themed rowhouse dollhouse includes Utz chips and a bag of weed.

Tracy Halvorsen's essay "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Heart" has inspired rebuttals: "Baltimore, You're Not Breaking My Heart," "Whose Heart is Baltimore Breaking, Really?" an assortment from the City Paper, "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Car," and my personal favorite from the That Guy's On Heroin guy, "Baltimore City, Stop Your Bitching." ("Can we stop fucking whining and learn to sack up already?... The title of the blog post should have just been 'Look at me! Look at me!'")

A Glen Burnie drug raid turned up a pretty amazing pen gun.

In AAC guns were stolen from an unmarked, unlocked police car.

Delta flight 1199 from Salt Lake City to BWI was diverted to Minneapolis after a drunk woman freaked the fuck out. Her helpful fellow passengers naturally shot and uploaded video to YouTube.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Glamorous Fire

O'Malley and jail spokesflak Rick Binetti say that cell phone blockage at the detention center has been achieved.*

Ina Jenkins
The burnt body found in an alley behind Pinehurst Avenue has been identified as that of Ina Gail Jenkins, 35,* the ME says she died from blunt-force trauma. According to her LinkedIn page, she was a marketer for Far Above Rubies magazine in Bowie, a Daily Bread volunteer and graduate of Anne Arundel Community College, living on East End Drive in Curtis Bay, 25 miles from where she was found. Last August she noted on her Facebook page, "Oh and by the way, I have a Baltimore Italian man, stalking me, and maybe a few others."  and, curiously, "Can I say to all the Pasadena, Maryland residents whom may read my Facebook page, you have a psychotic, mentally ill, and immature, scary, mailman in your town." and later, "So, now I have Michael Lloyd stalking me. I know, a little or a lot retarded."

Batts met in Annapolis with the city's six senators,* and they are pissed. Batts' counterclaim: we're working on it, I need more people, and "Violent crimes are down by 34 percent over the previous year."  Huh? How does he figure? Homicides, nonfatal shootings, larcenies, car thefts and street robberies were all up last year,* so what's left? Is the BPD is not reporting rapes again?*
How timely--
it's the 110th anniversary of the Baltimore Fire!
  4.8 officers per 1,000 people*, the third-highest ratio in the country, surpassing even Chicago or Deteroit. According to the $280k consultant report that Batts commissioned, the problem isn't too few officers, it's officers in the wrong places-- posts being staffed unnecessarily, detectives doing the jobs of clerks, and 40 percent of posts on each shift being staffed with overtime. So it makes you wonder if he's even read his own $280k report.
   And does the BPD really need more people? As of 2011, Baltimore had about 4.8 officers per 1,000 people, more than double the national average and the 3rd-highest rate in the country.
   Said Batts to WMAR's Brian Kuebler, "It's more glamorous to say 'run for your lives the city is on fire' but the city continues to progress and go in the right direction and it is getting safer."

In the Baltimore Guide blotter of the southeast, a woman was robbed whilst clearing snow off of her car on N. Collington Avenue, a woman was robbed while pushing her daughter in a stroller, a boy robbed while playing on the playground behind Patterson Park High School, a girl was pushed by a man "into a rear alley, where she pleaded with him not to rape her. The report is cut off here."

Daniel T. Nicholson IV, the detective in the Phylicia Barnes case, was acquitted of two charges and the jury is deadlocked on a third.*

Ashley Roane
Ashley Roane, a 26-year-old officer, got five years for extortion and identity theft. She was the one who searched the BPD database to tell a drug dealer who was an informant, and she also stole people's identities for a tax scam.*

Two Yemenites, Abdullah Aljaradi, age 52, and Ahmed Ayedh Al-Jabrati, age 58, owners of the Second Obama Express and D&M Deli and Grocery, pleaded guilty to food stamp fraud.

:( Essay: "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Heart" ... "I'm looking at you Mayor Rawlings-Blake."

City Paper readers react to D. Watkins' story on Salon, "Too Poor for Pop Culture." Chill out, people, if he's desperate enough to take a job as an adjunct at the University of Baltimore he is plenty poor!

The EPA has sent Harbor Point developers back to the drawing board to improve the site's safety plan.