Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Art Imitates Life Imitates Art

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November 14 murder victim Eddie Blick Jr. was featured in the Al Jazeera's "Educating Black Boys" documentary.

Nathan Barksdale
Nathan Barksdale has been arrested on various heroin-dealing and gun-related charges*. Barksdale has claimed to be the inspiration for David Simon's character Avon Barksdale on "The Wire" (though Simon denies it, and Van Smith proves that the nickname "Bodie" was a latter-day addition to his moniker). Barksdale also claimed to be out of "the game" (of course) and is reportedly now in a wheelchair after having his leg amputated below the knee.* And in typical Baltimore fashion he's  related to Dante Barksdale, coordinator of Operation Safe Streets.

Too-cool-for-you Remington bar W.C. Harlan was robbed at gunpoint by a guy in a wig.

Evan Curbeam's family say that his death was accidental.

15 years for Darryl Robinson, 49, who allegedly managed an open-air drug market in Poplar Grove.

185 months for Rico Bias, alleged getaway driver for commercial robbers.

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