Friday, January 17, 2014

Dutchy Passed To Left-Hand Side

View Larger MapA man was shot and killed in Harwood* in the alley behind the 300 block of Ilchester Ave, making 17 murders in 17 days.

Prez Jack gets on the pro-pot bandwagon, using Kurt Schmoke's "health issue" verbiage, even.

A victim with a flowerpot smashed over his head and a crapton of burglaries in the SE blotter.

No sentence modification for Nicholas Browning; the motion was heard by Judge Bollinger, the one who sentenced Browning the first time.

Via Ian Duncan, the feds have seized $25 million worth of Dread Pirate Roberts' bitcoins.

Batts showed up to a vigil last night at the store where Jose Abreu was killed. Abreu was shot once in the chest and died, his wife, sister of the store owner, was shot four times and is still alive.

Men arrested after transporting heroin in their underpants from here to Altoona.

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Anonymous said...

Jack Young you sound like a complete and utter moron. How did you ever get a government job, no less as city council president.