Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot Violent Repeat Zone Spots

Last night a man was shot in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Ave and died,* a teenager was shot in the face on East Eager street and lived.
Thomas McKnight Marshall

Keep an eye out for Thomas McKnight Marshall, 76, a missing adult in early-stage dementia.

Hazing investigated at Dunbar High.*
The City Council wants hundreds of pages* of speed camera documents.

The Sun endorses SafeCeaseStreetsFire&tm;* This latest iteration will supposedly focus on "violence zones" and "hot spots." Readers are skeptical.*
Related media: The Interrupters, a documentary about a year in Chicago's CeaseFire progam.
Gaithersburg police have a person of interest identified in the kidnapping of two sisters, Shiela and Katherine Lyon, in 1975.


Justin Fenton said...

Just pointing out again, Chicago's Ceasefire violent interrupters are our Safe Streets in McElderry Park and Mondawmin and Cherry Hill, not Kennedy's Ceasefire. These names are hard to keep track of. It's easier if Kennedy's program is referred to as "call-ins" or "Focused Deterrence."

Kirk River Mud said...

The Sun article describes "24 hour curfew centers?" What's the difference between that and martial law, exactly?

Maurice Bradbury said...

Sorry, I am still confused. So our CeaseFire will have "Call-ins"? And we didn't before?
... The curfew centers are for teenagers and children. We also force them to go to school and refuse to let them vote or drink or get married, it's really terrible.

Justin Fenton said...

Ceasefire's "Call-ins" are the things where they have probationers and parolees pulled into a church where federal prosecutors threaten to throw them in prison if they don't take advantage of services offered at the event to help them turn around their lives.
Safe Streets/violence interrupters are reformed offenders paid through the Health Dept and non-profits to mediate disputes in certain areas. No law enforcement involvement, no threats of prosecution, just community-based mediation of disputes

Kirk River Mud said...

It's not fair to say we "force" them to go to school, when 39% of them fail to advance to 9th grade.

That's kind of like when I'd be at my grandmother's house and she'd "force" me to eat my dinner, but eventually she'd just give me a big slice of pie if I held out long enough.

I 100% think that kids need and deserve somewhere safe and quiet to "be." If such "centers" can be that place, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

ignorance and exceptance to the false way of life demonstrated to our youth and statements by individuals that are more geared toward creating a bigger problem, is exactly y shit is the way it is......