Monday, May 16, 2005

May 15

Did you know that anyone can go on a ride-along with the Baltimore Police? You just have to call and request one, show up and sign a waiver! I was also told by a most helpful officer, "don't bother going on a ride-along in the Northern district; it's the quietest in the city, nothing ever happens!"

A guy died at central booking Sunday night after a struggle with officers.

Someone at Channel 2 got a Noah Jamal Jones juror Michael Dumphy to blab that he disagreed with the acquittal of accused whiteboy Jacob Forteny.

In the 'burbs:
Two punkass 15-year-olds have been charged with breaking into houses in Odenton.

In crime-plagued PG County, Emmanuel McClain, a teenager who killed 18-year-old Michael Bassett in a dispute over a Slurpee, got 40 years.

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chrisbilal said...

Oh Central Booking, keeping criminals weeks at a time.