Monday, June 27, 2005

June 27

A week after a fatal stabbing in a Mt. Vernon soup kitchen, the bishop himself is dishing up chow.

Three people were shot at a basketball game Sunday.

On Friday, officer Ronald Johnson got 10 years in the shooting death of D'Koy Dancy, 14.

They may be beaten to death with alarming frequency, but at least prisoners at two facilities the Maryland system get some decent landscaping to look at.

Thirty-year-old Caprice Jackson was shot to death in Northeast Baltimore, on her birthday no less. And two men, Jerrod Hamlett, 23 and Eric Freeman, 21, were alledgedly shot by a 13-year old boy. (Is this improved, expanded blotter a sign that the Sun's crime coverage is improving? Hope so.)

BoCo police are investigating an alledged rape at a Pikesville psychiatric facility.

Sun coulmnist Dan Rodericks is on a mission to help drug dealers go legit.

Associates of the late businessman Robert Clay don't believe he committed suicide. Two gunshot wounds to the head and one bullet is a bit weird, as was the program from his funeral left with a threatening note written on it at the front door of Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr.

Charles Village residents are fighting plans to locate for a new state juvenile social-services center in the area. You know your neighborhood's bad news when its most devoted residents describe it as "an area visited by recovering drug addicts, people on parole and mental health patients."

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