Wednesday, July 20, 2005

July 20

Here's this week's Muder Ink. A black got whacked by the Blacks in Wax museum. And near St. Joe's monastery, and in Waverly, and by the Pizza Pizza. All in all six black guys, mostly young, bringing the city's murder toll this year to 152. As per usual the motives are unknown.

Forty-nine year old Levi Andre White shot and killed his former boss, Dennis Wilson, and was then shot by police. JZ reports that it was Baltimore's second workplace shooting in two weeks.

Bloody gloves were introduced in the Espinoza case.

riveraA 19-year-old, Delmy Beatriz Rivera, left, is missing and believed to be abducted in Frederick.

Police have released a photo of the Severna Park rapist (though said photo doesn't appear to be published anywhere).

"It's so Sopranos" Dept:
Issuing a parking ticket to city "consultant" George C. Grimes Jr. got a meter maid cuffed.

Seventy-year-old Alvin Kotz pled guilty to money laundering and running a gambling business out of Timpano's Italian Chop House in Rockville.

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