Wednesday, September 14, 2005

September 14

The Ink reports five murders this week, bringing the toll to 191.

WTF?! dept: Baltimore Police arrest about 200 people a day, 32 percent of them without charges. Last year about 100,000 people were processed through central booking. How could that even be possible? The city population is only 620,000!

A man and a woman were stabbed this morning on Liberty Heights Avenue.

And in Edgewater Jose Amaya was arrested for stabbing his live-in "girlfriend" to death.

A hit-and-run driver rear-ended a man and his girfriend who were riding a Harley on an exit ramp on 695. Police are looking for an amoral asshole driving a late-model Chrysler with front-end damage.

Cradlerock school in Columbia was robbed of computers at gunpoint.

A story about the challenges of the city's needle exchange program.

In Howard County, police arrested 52 people on various drug charges following an eight-month investigation flamboyantly dubbed "Operation Mesmerize."

Seven members of The Pioneer City Boys, an AA County gang, were indicted for conspiring to sell crack.

Police cameras caught some guys in the act of trying to sell a stolen handicapped tag.

In spite of an attempt to use a bankruptcy loophole to weasel out of proceedings, the Erotica strip club (formerly known as "Chubbies") on Eastern Avenue was fined $3,000 and must suspend operations for 30 days for various violations.


jayinbmore said...

Not that it makes the sheer number of arrests-without-charges less striking, but the comparison between the number of arrests and the population is a little misleading without knowing how many of them are the same person getting arrested repeatedly.

Maurice Bradbury said...

True... but still!