Sunday, September 25, 2005

September 25

RJonesDid you know that a guard convicted in the Abu Ghraib scandal, Robert Jones, left, is now with the Baltimore Police?

Dan Rodericks knows well that human beings can only empathize with one person at a time, hence, another meditation on the evils of the drug trade, this time as a profile of a 25-year-old dealer who got beat up, impregnated some girl and now lives with his mom. Here's a more uplifting Baltimore story.

The York Road Giant has increased security following the July robbery of five teenagers.

In Baltimore County, police have arrested more than 100 people as part of Operation Just Cause in Landsdowne and Riverview.

In AACo a 19-year-old in has been arrested for shooting and killing 24-year-old James Tico Smith.

In Carroll County, assault and vandalism.

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Jones is a hero. said...

Robert Jones was not convicted or even charged - read the poorly editted article and see it was Graner and Sivits the first paragraph refers to:

Two former guards convicted in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal testified at US Army Pfc. Lynndie England’s military trial that she was impressionable and under the sway of her soldier boyfriend, Private Charles Graner, labelled the ringleader of detainee abuse by the prosecution.

Robert Jones, now a policeman in Baltimore, Maryland, and Private Ivan Frederick said the dominant presence of Graner trumped military rank to make him the de facto leader of the prison section where the abuse occurred.

Graner surrounded himself with people with weaker personalities, including England, Jones said. Graner also testified at the court martial in Fort Hood, Texas, saying England trusted him.

But another convicted former guard, Private Jeremy Sivits, said England appeared to enjoy one incident in 2003 in which prisoners were stripped, forced to masturbate and stacked in a pyramid. She was laughing, he said.