Saturday, November 5, 2005

November 5

An arrest has been made for the 1992 murders of Vanessa and Bianca Price. Darryl E. Green evaded capture for 13 years by assuming someone else's identity.

Antoine Adams, 32, got life in prison for his third murder, Penelope Medina. He is awaiting trial for the shooting death of Justin Gaglione. And rape, murder and robbery in the blotter also.

Fletcher Worrell, 58, has been implicated by DNA in at least 24 unsolved rapes in Maryland and New Jersey. Police believe he could be the "Silver Spring Rapist" wh attacked 21 women between 1987 and 1991. No word on when or if he'll face trial here.

A woman walking on a footpath in Halethorpe was assaulted and raped by a shortish white guy with green eyes in a hoodie.

An MTA bus driver was shot with a pellet gun.

Scary NJ fugitive Rakeen Baskerville was arrested in Edgewood. Police say he's part of a drug gang called Et-Hak, and he's wanted for murder, among other offenses.

Reginald Simms Jr. of Glen Burnie had one craptacular Sunday: he was shot in a cab, then arrested at the hospital on two unrelated felony warrants.

Probation officer Yolanda Johnson got 18 months in prison and three years' probation for extorting money from the drunk drivers she was supposed to be supervising.

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