Wednesday, November 9, 2005

November 9

28-year-old Corey Wyatt was shot to death on Monday night in his Northeast Baltimore home.

Murder Ink reports eight murders this week, plus the re-classification of 35-year-old Greg Morrison's September death as a homicide.

There was a shooting in Northwest Baltimore City.

Police say a missing grey backpack may be the key to the mysterious murder of Tiona Smith.

71-year-old Robert C. Griffin, imprisoned since 1986, will receive a new murder trial based upon recent DNA testing of evidence recovered from the victim's body. Prosecutors stand by the conviction against Griffin, stating they never claimed that he was the last person to have sex with the victim.

The sex offense trial of Edgar West, 34, of the 6100 block of Alta Avenue, is scheduled to begin tomorrow before Judge Sylvester Cox, 417 Mitchell Courthouse, 110 North Calvert Street. A Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted West March 28 on two counts each of second-degree child abuse, second degree sex offense and second-degree assault. Court documents allege West had sexual contact with two minors in September 2004.

Ay yi yi, MD now has one of those older-lady-teacher-young-boy cases. Kimberly Ann Cordrey-McKinney, 32, of Chestertown engaged in "acts" with a boy half her age.

Seems that the man caught with the 30-foot aluminum utility pole in his Chevy may not be behind the recent rash of lightpole thefts.

His lawyer says that gun charges against Maged Hussein will be dropped, due partially to his cooperation with agents investigating the Baltimore tunnel bomb threat and partially to the way a protective order that was filed by his wife was filled out. A hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning in courtroom 7, North Avenue District Court.

A Towson University student was robbed of $300 by two armed men who entered the student's dorm room.

Maryland Public Defenders report that they've been cut off from access to the criminal database. Interesting stat: 80 to 85 percent of criminal defendants in Baltimore City are represented by public defenders.

Armed robbery, armed robbery, and more armed robbery in the Sun's police blotter. Oh, and the "burgary" of 450 cartons of cigarettes. (Sorry, but typos in major daily newspapers are high on my list of pet peeves.)

An Annapolis couple was among the guests on a cruise ship that was attacked by pirates!

A woman is facing animal cruelty charges for collecting cats and starving dogs in NE Bmore.