Monday, December 19, 2005

December 19

A hearing has been rescheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning for Heather Mink, 22, at the District Court on Wabash Avenue. Court documents allege that on September 10 Mink did by corrupt means/threat/force, endeavor to influence/intimidate/impede a juror/witness/court officer, in the discharge of his duty. The witness reports that Mink threatened an officer with bodily harm if he testified in court in an assault case.

Shooting victims (of two separate incidents) were identified yesterday as Stacy McDonald, 32, and William Lowe, 43. Also, in Woodlwan, two men were stabbed outside the bowling alley.

In Germantown, 25-year-old nutjob Roxanna Benavides is charged with arson and reckless endangerment after getting pissed at her boyfriend and setting "personal items" on fire. Seventy-five people were displaced, it took 100 firefighters to extinguish the blaze and damages are estimated at $2.5 million.

Intriguing item among the usual stuff stolen in the Northern District, "sensitive papers were stolen from Johns Hopkins University." For what it's worth, JHU was recently declared the main Homeland Security Center of Excellence and given $15 million to study disaster readiness. The Quaker-founded U also develops missles and other WMDs (though not at the Homewood campus).

Citizens beware dept: pugalistic drunk Sidney Ponson is back on the streets after serving five days in protective custody for this third DUI. Also, the are cat burglar(s) on the loose in Howard County, particularly active in the Ellicott City area.

Nineteen-year-old Johnathan Myers was shot in the hand in Crofton, and in Annapolis, an iPod was stolen from a police car.


Anonymous said...

"sensitive papers were stolen from Johns Hopkins University."

I think that's how the press got the dirt on Dubya's international wiretaps.... Al Quaeda terrorists posing as janitors snagged some grad student's classified notes from his gym locker at JHU's Homewood Campus. But seriously, how can JHU advise the country on Homeland Security when it can't even keep domestic terrorists (known as Baltimore hoodlums, or Mujaheddizzle)) out of the dorms?

Maurice Bradbury said...

Heh heh, Mujaheddizzle. I'm still really bothered as to whay Greg Raymond wasn't charged with vehicular manslaughter and don't have a good answer. Well, we probably already know the answer, but let's pray that's not the actual answer.

Anonymous said...

News Flash:

a guy was just shot at the intersection, Greenmount & 27th Street. FYI, this is Miss Edna's area. It's SOOOO much safer now that the firebombers have been convicted.