Friday, December 2, 2005

December 2

A body found in an alley near Charles and 25th streets has been identified as that of 67-year-old pastor Dr. Lorenzo Handy.

The murder trial of Michael Johnson, 15, of the 1600 block of West Franklin Street, is scheduled to begin 9:30 Monday morning December 5 before Judge Lynn K. Stewart. The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Johnson for first-degree murder and handgun counts May 18. Court documents allege that on December 1, 2004 Johnson shot and killed Flenall Carter, III, 19, in the 4100 block of 10th Street. Johnson is currently being held without bail.

An arraignment is scheduled for 9:30 Monday morning December 5 for Amanda Johnson, 23, of Abingdon, Maryland and Clyde Meadows, 26 of the 2000 block Huntington Avenue, before Judge Lynn Stewart. Court documents allege that on or about October 14 Amanda Johnson and Clyde Meadows knocked on the front door of a witness in a pending attempted murder investigation. It is also alleged the two threatened the parent of the witness in an effort to persuade the testimony in the investigation.

Riley: "I didn't do what they said."

A shooting and a lot of robberies, burglaries and thefts in the blotter. (I think I've finally figured out the difference: robbery is when someone steps right up to your face and takes your shit, burglary is when they break in somewhere and take your shit, and theft is when they steal just one thing.)

Two witnesses, a mystery individual and some guy called "Skip," (not to be confused with campaign manager "Chip") will be supoenaed to testify about Ehrlich's so-called "Shadow Government" December 13.

Freaky pervs dept: A parking valet at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring copied the housekey of a nurse who worked there and broke in to her house with condoms and a video camera.

Bwahahaha! Poseurs Creed and 311 got into a fight at the Explorers Lounge of the Harbor Court Hotel. Apparently groupie action was so nonexistent for the wussy has-beens that the Creed singer was reduced to hitting on the 311 bassist's wife.

The tag "Oracl" is suspected of being the handiwork of one Kenneth D. Ellis, 25.


Anonymous said...

wow this is like a detectave blog or something idea

Anonymous said...

Mervo student shot. And I consider it one of the BETTER parts of our neighborhood, relative to nasty ol' Baltimore, that is.

The following from wbal news:

"We have a female on her way home, she was walking through an alley, about two blocks away from Mervo," Baltimore police Deputy Maj. Martinez Davenport said. "She saw two males fighting and one male took out a gun and started to shoot at the other male."

But the assailant hit a teenaged female student in an alley near 36th Street and The Alameda. It remains unclear whether the assailant targeted the student, who now suffers from a gunshot wound to the calf.

Those who live near to the scene told 11 News the incident does not surprise them because crime has become a big part of their neighborhood. They said they have, in the past, called for an increased police presence.

"I didn't see nothing, I heard noises this morning -- boom, boom," said Ebony Whitehe, a resident.

"During the beginning of the year, there was shooting and someone got killed," said Maxine Battle, a resident. "Then, it got pretty bad in the neighborhood."

Battle, a mother of four girls, said she has lived in the neighborhood for nearly 10 years, but she has decided that it may be time to move.

"I don't let (my daughters) out that much because the neighborhood has gotten kind of bad," Battle said. "My mother is thinking about selling the house because of the neighborhood."

Anonymous said...

WMAR reports that Mr. O'Malley's people appear to be submitting 'creative' crime stats again.


Anonymous said...

I never realized Baltimore was such a dump, until I lived here and now I realize not only is it a dump, it's a crime ridden dumpy dump of a dump.
Keep up the good work, the truth MUST be heard!!

Anonymous said...

Caveat: I don't know much about the ethics of capital punishment; I'm staying out of that one.
The following are from wjz news:

Appeal papers on Wesley Baker indicate he had a tough life.

It goes onto say that he was living on the streets of Baltimore by the time he was 8-years-old, and by 12 he'd overdosed on heroin.

Courts sent him to the Hickey School for troubled youths, where he claims he was abused.

But Baker's attorneys aren't arguing that he didn't commit murder, rather his childhood is to blame.

Baker received the death penalty for the 1991 murder of Jane Tyson outside of a Baltimore County mall, and right in front of her grandchildren.

At a rally against the death penalty, Baker's mother told, "I've already lost one son to the streets, I don't want to lose another son."

My comment:
Waitaminute. Someone got killed. He did it. IF he were not responsible for his act, it's because of his childhood. And the person who's responsible for his childhood is...?

Oh, I see. 'The Streets.' Let's blame another inanimate object.

Seems to me, the question to ask is "Which PERSON is most proximately responsible for the injustice which was committed?" That person must pay the penalty, such as it is.