Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 28

Murder Ink notes that the man shot to death at Old Town Mall December 15 was identified as 32-year-old Stacy McDonald.

The Maryland Court of Appeals refused to take on the $691 million Allfirst (AIB) case and sent it to Ireland, ending all American involvement in the scandal.

A Baltimore City firefighter was critically injured by a bomb in Iraq.
Michael J. McMullen is a member of the Baltimore-based 243rd Engineering Company.
al jolson
jimboPolice have released sketches of Al Jolson and Jimbo Jones, wanted in an Essex home invasion.

OpEd Watch:
Post: geographic disparities are much more significant than racial ones when it comes to crime, death penalty issues.
Sun: black men need hobbies, mentors.

Don't laugh coffee out of your nose as you check out your choices for the best of WJZ's Top Stories of 2005, an all-too brief overview of JZ's cream-of-the-crop investigative news stories. Some months the best story is obvious, but then there are months like June where there's so many to choose from...

January: Fish with human face, vs. it snowed vs. a woman had a baby vs. Marty Bass jumped in water
Feb: It snowed vs. police chase
March: Miss USA vs. police chase
April: Police chasing a car vs. police chasing a buffalo
May: Two county-music related features vs. an inmate was killed at central booking
June: A two-headed cat vs. a dolphin having a dolphin baby vs. Tom Cruise squirted with a watergun
July: Marlin Attack Of f Coast Of Panama!
August: Police chase!
September: 'Chico' The Dog Reunited With His Family!. vs. Howard County 'massage parlors' offer happy endings vs. a woman who had babies
October: Police chase #1 vs. police chase #2
November: Mammoth Manic Monday Meltdown!.
December: Too early to say...

Which rocked your world the hardest? Oh to be getting a happy ending on the Panamainian f Coast, away from this snowy, fertile, 'ho-hating town...


Anonymous said...

Oh, here's a real gem.

A State legislative committee on jury eligibility is going to propose increasing the degree of criminality expressed in the jury pool so as to improve racial imbalances.

I have a better idea. If blacks are a disproportionately small fraction of law-abiding jury candidates because many have criminal histories, instead of increasing their allowed criminality, why not simply sample more frequently from the underrepresented population until the imbalance is remedied?



Anonymous said...

An accused is supposed to be entitled to be tried by a jury of his peers. If we think that means a bunch of hoodlums when in Baltimore, then the remaining law-abiding citizens need to get the heck out of here.

And the proposition that there are no decent black citizens left in this town is just... the most demeaning, racist thought I can think of. Legislating criminals into their ranks will not help anyone.

Anonymous said...

When you can't manage to assemble an honest jury because crooks are too prevalent, you need to thin the herd. In the past, one would declare them outlaws and subject to immediate arrest within city limits. This drove them out of the jurisdiction. You simply cannot sustain this many hoods (as a % of population) in one place. Relatives and affiliates who harbored them were to be similarly cast out, which is an important dimension of our present difficulty.

A solution to the immediate problem would be to blend the jury pools of the city and the surrounding counties.