Saturday, February 4, 2006

February 4

There was a fatal shooting last night in Brooklyn near the extremely gay-sounding Club Mate & Lounge.

Guilford resident to Hamm: "You're just chasing Jell-O®."

Looks like the Natasha Bacchus Magee case is going to get the total White Girl Treatment. And though I'm offended in principle, it's tough to resist the siren song of alleged lesbianism, sluttiness and roadside straddling and the promise of videotape.

A gunman shot a man in the shoulder in the Belvedere area. Also, muggings in the Charles Village area.

The Court of Appeals has overturned the rioting conviction of John Ryan Schlamp.

No suspects in a series of 17 Pikesville-area window-smashings.

Kane: "That must have gone over like a swarm of Nazis crashing a stoned soul picnic."


Malnurtured Snay said...

Holy crap! Did you know there's a Wikipedia entry on you? Awesome!

(Tell you the truth, I thought you were a cop).

Unknown said...

I checked that out on Maybe under heroin they have the big "believe" sign. And maybe under murder they have a "Welcome to baltimore sign"

Anonymous said...

Regarding Lenny Hamm chasing Jello@, seem I've heard this before. Oh, yeah, that's right.... "I TOLD YOU SO!" And now he says he HOPES to have many more officers... someday. In other words, we're admitting that we HAVEN'T DONE OUR JOB FOR MANY YEARS and have no real, actual legit plan for doing so in this lifetime. Is there an external obstacle, like the Council won't give him a budget appropriation? Nope. It's just he hasn't done his job.

Solution: DAK. As in... Canned Hamm. Can him and hire someone who can do the job on a reasonable timelime.


C Love "The Rap Addict" said...

it is very real around Charles Vil...WOW!