Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31

harrisTanya Harris, left, a wiry 16-year old girl, is wanted for attempted murder and robbery in the attack of 26-year-old Lensey Hamilton.

A 90-year-old woman was robbed and raped in Cockeysville.

A "mobile meth lab" was busted and police arrested a middle-aged couple in Garrett County.

Motion to Modify Sentence Hearing is scheduled for Officer Vicki Mengel for Monday at 2:00 p.m. The Motions hearing will be heard by Judge Braverman at Eastside District Court in Courtroom 1. The southwestern district police officer was convicted February 14 of illegal gambling and fined $150 for her involvement in a November poker game in Northeast Baltimore.

Ooh, an illegal "bottle club" in the basement of the Belvedere Hotel! How roaring-twenties!

A Palm Springs perv, Michael Sadler, was arrested in Baltimore.

Joseph A. Shryock, 47, pled guilty to bilking UMBC for $3k worth of plumbing fixtures.

If you're a Japanese businessman trying to avoid taxes on $100 million worth of Wyeth, stash the cache in the last place anyone would expect to find a classy nude: Baltimore.


taotechuck said...

"State police in Garrett County said two Charleston, W. Va., residents are being accused of having what police call a "mobile meth lab" in there vehicle."

At least one WBAL reporter is being accused of having what proofreaders call a "tough time remembering that one tricky lesson from 3rd grade where the teacher explained the difference between there and their."

Maurice Bradbury said...

Oh no, how horrible! Right up "they're" with the "its" and "it's!" We expect Cap'n Caveman copyediting at JZ, but et tu, WBAL?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHA! I used to live in the Belvedere! I'm TOTALLY NOT surprised by the "illegal Bottle Club"

Man, That building sucks badly

Anonymous said...

Missed this murder, that happend yesterday,,0,5987086.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

Anonymous said...

Only in Baltimore could one [Oops!] miss a murder. We have so many bodies piling up we should just expand Greenmount Cemetary to include City limits. Bo-dy-more.

Anonymous said...

A cop in the special enforcement unit of Western District was arrested for acepting cash at a gas station on Cold Spring & Falls Rd. from a defendant in exchange for not showing up as a witness at his trial.