Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10

Examiner: as of Friday, 37 percent of homicides have been solved. (I count 116, police say 115... either way, not much to speak "glowingly" of.)

Julie B. reports on yesterday's sentence of Reginald Coppage, who robbed, attacked and nearly killed special-ed teacher Cicely Simpson, who lived in the same apartment building.

Should a seven-year-old have been arrested for throwing chemicals on a playmate?

Three people were arrested for running a meth lab in a room at the Super 8 motel.

Andrew Klepper, 19, of Walt Whitman High in Bethesda, is charged with pandering.

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Anonymous said...

37% of murders are cleared for 2006.

As per Judicial Dialog Systems, for the first quarter of 2005,
the average sentence for the 1,102 felony drug convictions was one year and 203 days. For nine rape convictions, it was six years, and for 14 murder convictions, it was 13 years and 52 days.

So, isn't the expected censure for murder .37 x 13.14 = 4.8 yrs. ? Not a great deterrent, is it? Do I feel safe here?