Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12, afternoon

The Canela/Espinoza case lost another juror, arrested over the weekend for domestic assault. Of the 12 juorors and four alternates that remain, there are nine women, five men, two white people, three morbidly obese people, 12 blacks, no hispanics. This afternoon a forensics expert was on the stand, and while most of the questioning was dull and tedious, did mention the poignant detail that two of the three childrens' underpants had urine stains. Yesterday a neighbor placed Policarpio (the children's uncle) and Adan Canela (their cousin) sneaking around the bushes at the crime scene (or as JZ would say, the "murder seen") the day before the killings.

Meanwhile, CJCC was uneventful. Though yesterday's Duly Wretched article promised a three-way catfight, the most newsworthy item was that Mary Anne Saar, resplendent in fushia and a black scrunchie, announced that a new juvenile facility will be built in the next three years around the intersection of Madison and Monument streets. Sheila Dixon, thin as a whip, ate a chicken sandwich the size of her head and a devilled egg. Rod J. Rosenstein (who dislikes raw broccoli) and Jason Weinstein, fresh from locking up Bam and Itchy, were both wearing amazing pinstripe suits. Marcus Brown said that violent crime is down by two percect, murder's down, and overall crime this year is even with last year. In the kitchen, a guy who works at Fox said they were going to improve their site soon so you can link to their stories. Rumor had it that yesterday, when two guys were asked to leave the courthouse but didn't, police beat the crap out of them near the fourth-floor elevators, sending both to the hospital.

Not satisfied with being a dog walker, passionate lover and beer taster, Stephan Fogleman is running against Patricia Jessamy for State's Attorney.

Oscar Cervantes-Alvarez got 16 months for immigration document fraud, and Corey Howard Richardson got 46 years for guns n crack.

Police are looking for Chase M. Williams, accused of stabbing football player Roderick Green.

O'Malley haters have embraced the blogopshere.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that while I have had many hobbies in my lifetime, the situation at the State's Attorney's Office is no laughing matter. I support our police and I'd be happy to discuss my platform with you or you may learn more about me at I continue to enjoy the blog!

Steve Fogleman