Monday, September 25, 2006

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bankrobberPolice are seeking a prolific robber, left, who's held up banks inside of grocery stores in at least five counties in MD and VA.

Blockbuster® and Metro Crime Stoppers are offering a $20,000 reward to help find the killers of Antonio Gilmore.

What is up with the green minivans this week? Murder victim Roxanne Amick's green minivan was found at a shopping mall. Then two Israeli guys were questioned after taking pictures of the harbor tunnel while driving in one. Now police are looking for a green Chevy minivan that hit and killed a 22-year-old woman in the Southwest.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Eric Hicks, 21, of W. Franklin Street and Nicholas Floyd, 23, of McCullough Street for first-degree murder and other counts. Court documents allege that on April 11 an unknown female was found in a vacant building in the 2600 block of St. Benedict Street suffering from multiple stab wounds. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene and was later identified as Kimberly Skyers, 33. Police identified the two suspects through witnesses.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning before Judge Althea Handy for Irvin Merritt, 47, of Bonaparte Avenue. Merritt pled guilty August 10 to first-degree murder and other charges. On February 16, 2006 Merritt stabbed Frederica Moseley, 46, to death in the 200 block of North Bond Street. Merritt had a long history of domestic violence against Ms. Moseley.

The contempt of court trial of James Earl Murphy, 30, of Manchester Rd., is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning before Judge Martin P. Welch. The Baltimore City Grand jury indicted Murphy March 22 for contempt of court for his refusal to testify in a murder trial. Murphy and Martin Morgan, 18, were indicted for the murder of Wade Walker on March 12, 2004. In January 2005, Murphy pled guilty to second-degree murder and Judge David Mitchell sentenced him to a 30-year prison term. On February 3 Murphy refused to testify in Morgan's trial and was held in Direct Contempt of Court by Judge Shirley Watts. Nevertheless, the jury convicted Morgan of first-degree murder and Judge Watts sentenced him to life in prison.

No one less than Taylor Branch sets straight the facts alleged on the Steele "Do the walk!" ad. Summary: both Republicans and Democrats have acted crapulently in their own special way.

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