Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16

From the U.S. Attorney's office: Howard Meyers 58, of Rockville was indicted on various illegal gambling charges.
Bertha Yolanda Paez, age 56, of Colombia, South America, was sentenced to 37 months in prison
followed by two years of supervised release for money laundering more than $3.5 million of cocaine and heroin $.

An unId'd man in the 6900 block of Marsue Drive killed himself after a standoff in Pikesville.

On Friday, October 13, a Baltimore City jury found Calvin Amos, 53, guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Joseph Schlick, 25. The shooting occurred in the home of the defendant at 2301 Herkimer Street on March 3. According to Court documents, Amos shot Joseph Schlick once in the forehead. When officers arrived at the scene the defendant stated he had just shot the victim, Joseph Schlick. The defendant was transported to the BPD Homicide Unit and advised of his rights. Mr. Amos gave a full confession to shooting Joseph Schlick in self-defense after Schlick entered his home through a window. A search and seizure warrant was obtained and a black powder handgun was recovered from the counter top of the kitchen. The victim was found on the kitchen floor. On March 4 the victim died of his injuries. The Office of the Coroner and Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death to be a homicide by shooting. Sentencing is scheduled for December 5 at 9:30 am before Judge John Carroll Byrnes, Part 93. Voluntary Manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of 10 years.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Devon Richardson, 15, for first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of 67-year-old Janice Letmate, shot September 26 in the 4000 block Biddison Lane with a rifle.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Eric Tate, 18, of Guilford Avenue on two counts of first-degree murder and carrying a deadly weapon. Court documents allege on September 10 Tate became involved in a verbal argument with another man. The argument escalated to a physical altercation, fighting and gunshots were fired. The argument occurred because the victims wore certain gang colors. The two victims, Anthony Taylor, Jr., 20 and Adrian Holiday, 19, were found suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest in the 300 block of East 22nd Street. Both victims died as a result of their injuries. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for November 2 before Judge Gale Rasin, Room 509 Courthouse East.

A protest against the police department's arrest practices will be held today from 3-5 p.m. in front of the courthouse.

At Wabash District Court this morning, Judge Hargrove sentenced Rodney Bethea in the April 13 incident which occurred at the Northeast District Baltimore Police Department as follows: four years on the false imprisonment charge; two years on the assault on law enforcement charge and two years on the escape charges ... but the sentences to be served concurrently, which means this lunatic will be out in four years .. or less than two with parole! Wow, if I was the cop beaten by a lightbulb or the employee held hostage with the scissors for three hours I'd be really pissed!

Miconduct allegations were dismissed against federal prosecutors Jason Weinstein and Steven Levin, accused of not warning the Rice brothers that a plea deal didn't mean they could keep slinging the smack.

Former Oriole Sammy "Throwin' Swannanoan" Stewart Jr., pitcher in the '83 World Series, in now in jail for his crack habit. He's still "not confident" he can kick it.

Cumberland Times Op-Ed "we're not surprised that Baltimore's crack kings would eye our community as a lucrative market for their addictive, destructive wares."

Cokie Gopshes of Baltimore got 18 years in prison after leading police on a high-speed chase on the BW Parkway.

Burglary, robbery and a home invasion in the SE.

Assaults, robberies and theft in PCG.

Probable "overzealous volunteers" are vanadlizing campaign signs.

Op-Ed: "most people charged with gun crimes skate through the state court system in Baltimore."

But that's part of our charm! Mystery shoppers say Baltimore's customer service is among the worst.


Marc said...

And of course, the Times-News spells "drug" wrong. Brilliant.

John Galt said...

Slashing of some sort upon a teen reported at the 600 block, Beaumont in Govans off of York Road in Northern.

As for the four year concurrent with four for taking police civilians hostage inside a police station, yeah, and you wonder why cops don't want to join your police force ??? I wonder ??

The dude's apparently had 21 criminal cases in multiple jurisdictions. He's been a bad boy, mostly burglary.

I'd bet in Texas that'd be a ten year minimum easy.

John Galt said...

The Baltimore-Metro population faces some of the longest commutes in the country. Why? To avoid Baltimore City crime, and lousy schools.

Ergo, Baltimore's high crime rate is anti-environmental. So much for claiming to be green, Marty.

Oh, by the way, the Mo'M ads which claim there's no basis for challehging his crime reduction stats? Howzabout this: the FBI do not confirm Mr.O'Malley's figures. His crime reduction resilts are largely based upon his upward restatement of 1999 crime.

Because he has played with those numbers, the FBI does NOT publish 1999 results for Baltimore City. Because they're questionable.

Now, how much of the claimed reduction took place between 1998 and 2000? Well, the crime index decreased during that two year period by over 9%, which is a big chunk of his claimed reduction.

Conclusion: crime dropped, but not by what he claims. Was the drop attributable primarily to O'Management ?? Almost certainly not, given the national trend.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that a YAAM by the name of Demetrius Sturgis [sp.] is wanted in connection with the stabbing murder of another YAAM. Sturgis is understood to be a Blood.

John Galt said...

Sturgis killed another fellow in Charles Village and is wanted by police. Charles Village has gradually been turning into a Bloods territory.