Thursday, November 9, 2006

November 9th, afternoon edition

An East Baltimore drug kingpin got 27 years and threw a temper tantrum.

A fugitive wanted for attempted murder was apprehended during a traffic stop in Bel Air. Way to not say who the guy attempted to murder, where, when or how, WBAL.

An MS-13 member pled guilty to accidentally shooting someone, and got life for intentionally shooting someone else in Rockville.

MoCoPD arrested a stalker on Oct. 25th (don't ask me why the press release just came out today) in Wheaton, and are looking for a guy who beat the crap out of a woman at a bus stop in Rockville.

PGCPD have a lot of acronyms and make a bunch of arrests on weapons, other charges. They also got a truck from U-Haul to haul around graffiti removal equipment.

I really wish the Baltimore Police Dept. had a nice press release page on their website. I just noticed that the Anne Arundel County Police Dept. has one now. I'm going to assume that you have me to thank for that because I sent them an email a while back telling them they should get one, and sent them links to the ones for Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George's Counties and Washington DC as examples to follow.


Almond Smash said...

I like the Balto County PD site, there's a section where you can request crime update emails. Its pretty nifty when they are looking for a missing person or giving out info on a commercial robbery. It keeps you abreast of whats going on crime wise and who they are looking for.

John Galt said...

I think the reason Balto. City cannot reciprocate is that 1) the wanted list is half of the phone book and 2) who's on the list sorta depends on how the officers feel at the moment. Further, while the purpose of the County PD is to protect law-abiding people from crime, the purpose of the City PD is to protect City politicians from answerability.

burgersub said...

washington, although not quite at our level, is still one of the most dangerous cities in the country and their police website manages to list details on each murder and murder arrest they have, plus some other occasional major crimes. that's what i was talking about when i mentioned press release pages. i've never used the features that almond smash is talking about.