Tuesday, December 26, 2006


"The city has recorded 270 homicides, one more than in 2005 ... The most recent victim was Stephen Brunson, 37, whose body was found shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday ... Yesterday, police announced they had identified a body found in Leakin Park on Saturday as Freddie Thornton, a 69-year-old city resident. He had been stabbed repeatedly..."

A article on Christmas in confinement: "The Single Hardest Day Of the Year: Inmates Mark the Yuletide With Reflection and Regret"

File under human trafficking, prostitution: Jair Francis, age 33, of Wheaton, Maryland was convicted of conspiracy to transport hundreds of women for prostitution purposes to Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.
Elsy and Eliazor Aparicio and their mother, Olinda Aparicio (age 65), Dorinalda Aparicio, Manuel and Rosibel Jandres have pled guilty to their involvement in the prostitution ring.

Eight weapons indictments from the feds.

Racketeering conspirator and ex-Sen. Bromwell is stepping down as head of IWIF. Update: What the?! IWIF agreed "to pay former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell $400,000 to step down in advance of his trial on federal corruption charges." Crazy!!

horseheadGift horse dept.:
Mrs. J's theory on her $83k pay raise (as told to Laura Vozzella) is that Kitty wants the job in 2010!


burgersub said...

awesome job telling us how many murders there have been this year, sun! if you can find the time in your busy schedule, could you please tell us something, anything, about #268? or are you planning on printing that tomorrow, the day murder ink is going to tell us about it, as you have been doing more and more frequently.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I can't even keep up... Kenneth Worrell was 263, and I've only heard of four murders since then:
the Holder brothers and these two today.
So who are the missing three?
People who died of injuries from shootings after a while?
TG for Anna Ditkoff!

burgersub said...

alright, so starting with 263 it goes:

#263 - Kenneth Worrell, 28, 800 block Bethune Rd, 12/18
#264 - unidentified female, 700 block N Fulton Ave, 12/19
#265 - Ralston Holder, 52, 5700 block Hazelwood Cir, 12/20
#266 - Everton R Holder, 41, 3300 block E Fayette St, 12/20
#267 - Wesley Harris, 22, 2400 block Winchester St, 12/21
#268 - ??????
#269 - Freddie Thornton, 69, 4300 block N Franklintown Rd, 12/23
#270 - Stephen Brunson, 37, 2900 block Silver Hill Ave, 12/24

burgersub said...

by the way, not one single person who died this year and has thus far been declared a homicide sustained their fatal injuries in a previous year, compared to last year when there were 9 such cases. however, this year we had 4 cases of people being attacked AND dying in previous years that were just declared homicides this year, and one case of a guy's body being found on new year's day who had been killed sometime in the final days of 2005. if you take those away, we have fewer homicides than last year. but if you take away last year's nine guys that died of old wounds, we still have more this year.

burgersub said...

oops, my bad, there was one guy that died this year from a previous year's wounds, corey vines, but i never remember him because he's the only one i don't have on my map. i tried, but i simply could not find an address for where he had been shot.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Thanks burg...
Where'd you find the Fulton St. female?

burgersub said...

it was in the sun

John Galt said...

Who's seen the prelim first half numbers for Jan.-June 2006 ?

Baltimore 2005 2006

murder 137 133
rape 79 77
robbery 1825 2072
agg assault 3498 3257

burglary 3230 3536
theft 9632 9698
motor vehicle 2865 2922
arson 220 227

In other words, exactly no improvement in total Part I crime and essentially all the decrease came in the form of aggravated assaults, which were probably just reclassified into Part II common assaults in order to cook the numbers. I know they did it to me.

John Galt said...

I just love the way police spolesweasel Jablow "said it is hard to help people who don't want police help. He also said four out of five city homicide victims have criminal records."

Yeah, and two of four records are due to false arrest (or otherwise insubstantiable charges), so... no wonder residents don't want your help. I got burgled for Xmas, and I didn't call the po-po because the last time I did, they locked me up. None of the several times they did this have I been found guilty of anything, but they keep right on a-doin' it. What great public servants.

What do I want for Christmas, Santa? Canned Hamm.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I was gonna say, if one in six Baltimoreans is arrested every year, it wouldn't surprise me if 4 out of 5 have Baltimoreans has some kind of record....

Maurice Bradbury said...

Thanks for the link burger, I totally missed that lady... how sad.