Wednesday, January 10, 2007


"Two slayings push homicides to 13"
And two more since press time.

"Trouble is so easy to get into but it is SO hard to get out of," said accused cop-killer Brandon Grimes.

A woman was arrested for killing Freddie Thornton, 69.
And a man was shot and another stabbed in the Blotter.

Sentencing hearings today for Nathaniel Broadway and Sierra Swann in what must be the worst case of child abuse the city has ever seen-- and that's saying a LOT.
Meanwhile, the city is struggling to fix its $67-million foster child tracking system.

Ted Venetoulis swears the Sun will be his by March.


John Galt said...

Interesting. I'm guessing the Charles Village 'boarding house' was actually the Prisoners' Aid facility. And I'm further guessing that since the victim was probably a 25 year-old black man, there will not be any such outcry in Charles Village as when a Vietnamese-American girl was murdered by JHU.

This murder scene is about a block from where the murder of a (white) employee of a local architecture firm prompted the creation of a Charles Village Benefit District to provide the security not being furnished by the police. I wonder where the outrage is, now that the victim is black ???

I'll bet you won't hear another word in CV about this latest incident.

HoCoJoe said...


If nothing else they could say "It may have been drug related", whether or not it's true. In which case they can then ignore it until someone walks in with a gun and a video tape of the killing.

burgersub said...

hopkinds students will never even know this happened. hell, hopkins students would never know it happened if it was a rich white person either, the only way they would ever know it happened is if it were a fellow hopkins student, or a professor or something. hopkins kids only hear about stuff that happens in baltimore from each other because they don't read the sun or watch the local news. therefore any news they do hear must originate with it actually happening to one of them.

obviously this is a big generalization and not every single one of them are like that, but the majority of them do not give a fuck about baltimore at all and are just waiting to get their degree so they can move back to new jersey or california or wherever they came from.

Unknown said...

Preach burger preach!!! I know a few Hopkins students and the ones that do know things outside of that community in my experience are , from my experiences, largely misinformed

John Galt said...

I'm posting the wjz story on the murder of off-duty officer Chesley here.

The FOP is indicating that off-duty officers who are not targetted as cops are at too high a personal risk on the street. You, mean kinda like... us civilians ???

Note the final comment by a witness who cannot risk being identified because someone will come get her.

Check out the video link at WMAR and the dozen or so excuses by the State's Attorney's office about why the shooter got off over and over and over again.

The streaming video is here.

burgersub said...

i speak with such authority on hopkins students because i also went to hopkins. i'm one of the good ones though :)