Thursday, February 8, 2007

February 8 nite

Word on the street is City Council members are using the transitional time between Dixon and Blake to "pass a lot of nonsense," including Keiffer Mitchell subverting long-established historic preservation laws to lax the one-year waiting-period rules for historic properties for the benefit of Mercy Hospital. Also on the agenda: a city-wide smoking ban.

...but CSA saved the Magnet Bar.

A new bill would require the state to oversee the training of the staff of residential programs for juvenile offenders.

burglary suspect 2burglary suspect 1
Baltimore County police are looking for two suspects (above) in the attempted burglary of the Box and Save grocery store on Dundalk Avenue Jan. 28., the High's in the 6800 block of Broening Highway, the Blue Claw Crab House in the 3400 block of Dundalk Ave. and the B & K Carryout in the 7900 block of Dundalk Avenue.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore and the St. Agnes Parish will make a statement to address the "sexual allegations" of two adulteresses involving the local associate pastor, the formerly reverend Timothy Fell.

Jack Schroeder of Laurel, HoCo is charged with poisioning a noisy dog by placing a mix of "chicken bones, bacon grease and anti-freeze" on or near his side of the property line.

Former Randallstown High football star Melvin Alaeze was indicted by a Baltimore County grand jury on charges of attempted first-degree murder and related offenses Feb. 5 based on a Dec. 24 shooting and alleged robbery at the Brookhaven apartment complex in Randallstown.

Robert Scott Targan of MoCo (allegedy) treated Bell's palsy victims for 20 years without a license.



life just good

Gledwood said...

You have an awfully civilized city at Baltimore ... we have those "wanted" posters in our buses. But they're cited out of site of the cctv cameras (on the stairs, remember our London buses are double-deckers) so all their friends scratch out their faces to save them the vulgarity of a court appearance ...

OK well good luck to your city!!