Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 15

Two people were killed and three were injured in two separate Northeast Baltimore shootings on Tuesday night. 18-year-old Christopher Clarke was one of the men killed; the other has not yet been identified.

Parole was revoked for Lawrence Banks, who will be in prison until 2014. So far, Banks has murdered his son, killed a friend, and thrown his 7-month-old daughter through a glass door. He is being investigated for the deaths of his girlfriend's 22-year-old daughter and 9-month-old granddaughter.

A 7-year-old boy was arrested while sitting on his dirt bike in East Baltimore.

A guard at Central Booking might be stealing inmates' credit cards.

Our elected leaders continue to fail miserably at battling witness intimidation.

Perv of the day: 52-year-old volleyball coach Robert Borello got 18 months for his 'relationship' with one of his 16-year-old Wicomico High School students.

A fire commander at the BFD training academy was suspended for 30 days for not properly tracking EMS certifications. Additionally, nearly 1/4 of the BFD cannot legally drive large vehicles, including fire trucks.

Racists vandalized a street sign in front of Councilman Harris' home in the 4th.

On what was, indeed, a 'hisrotic' day, police headquarters was re-named as the Bishop L. Robinson Sr. Police Administration Building yesterday.


ppatin said...

From the racial epithet story.

"Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, president of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP, said he hoped there would be a thorough probe."

Surely the BPD has more important things to investigate than some stupid vandalism. Maybe "Doc" Cheatham should spend more time worrying about the four murders that took place in a 24-hour period.

ppatin said...

The legislature is considering allowing sales of raw milk in Maryland.

Marc said...

Speaking of witness intimidation - did anyone else read The Story of a Snitch in the current Atlantic Monthly?

Unknown said...

You have to be a subscriber, Marc, in order to read the whole story. I started reading and found that out only after several paragraphs.

Maybe you could forward me the article because I would like to read it but I don't think I'm ready to wsubscribe just yet.

ppatin said...

I have a question about the volleyball coach, I thought that the age of consent in Maryland was 16?

jaimetab said...

Kudos to the BPD, the "7 year old on a dirtbike" was actually a 35 year old midget thug responsible for 75 of last year's murders. A ticker tape parade to honor Hamm and Dixon is to be scheduled ASAP.

Gor said...

Why is Borello the perv da jour? It was a 4th degree sexual offense. Which means the age wasn't an issue, it was that he was a "person of authority" during the affair. If he wasn't her high school coach he would not be in any trouble (at least not with the DA, maybe the parents though).

Gor said...

Also, those racial epithets in front of Councilman Harris' home sounds a little fishy. It wouldn't do him any harm to get his name in the paper while he is running for the city council president seat.

Marc said...

sam's lil sis (and anyone else who wants to read the story):

You can use my login:

User ID: marcnelsonjr
password: atlantic

Marc said...

Snoop from The Wire is a real-life murderer - she did a whole five years. Talk about method acting.

Can you imagine watching your daughter's murderer killing people on TV? Her biography on the HBO site doesn't mention that little matter of the dead victim:

There is no pretty story here, just the gritty truth of growing up in the system on the Baltimore streets. Having a childhood much like the youth depicted in the show Felecia saw first hand the drugs and violence that plagued Baltimore. However difficult the struggle Felecia managed to get through it. With out knowing who her family was she developed her own. She called the streets of Baltimore home and those who ran them, family. Needless to say she had a multitude of obstacles to overcome. Her pretty face shows no sign of the pitfalls life had set for her, abandonment, violence and ultimately incarceration.

taotechuck said...

Sorry, Gor, but a 52-year-old going after a 16-year-old is just kinda icky, even without the teacher/student relationship.

ppatin said...

I agree that it's icky, but the guy's probably going to have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. What he did is sleazy, but it's not in the same league of evil as committing rape at gunpoint.

Gor said...

Actually, Borello must have a prior incident before this last one. 4th Degree Sexual Offense maximum sentence is 1 year, unless a prior seperate incident had occured. Since he received 18 months this would indicate that he has a continuing problem (probably along the same "icky" lines, that's my guess).

Unknown said...

thanks Marc