Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March 6

The Baltimore City Grand Jury today indicted Vivian Day, 49, of the 2000 block of W. North Avenue, on charges of first-degree murder. Court documents allege that on December 28, 2006 Vivian Day struck and killed her friend, Nelsene Burnette, 44, with an object during an altercation. Subsequently, court documents allege Ms. Burnette was found in the bedroom closet in Day's apartment. Ms. Burnette had been reported missing by a family member days before Day revealed the location of Ms. Burnette. An arraignment is scheduled for April 6 before Judge Martin P. Welch, Rm 228, Courthouse East. Assistant State's Attorney and Division Chief of Homicide Mark Cohen will prosecute.

Former MD Federal prosecutor Thomas DiBiagio says he was forced out of his job because he had investigators "interested in tracing substantial payments made by a gambling company to a political marketing business in Maryland with ties to Maryland Republicans."
Ehrlich, on the other hand, says he was made ineffective due to lingering resentments over the Edward "R." Norris affair.

The 19-year-old shot on West Hamburg Street and driven to the Hyatt died at Shock Trauma [48].

Dept of WTF?
Tracey Gardner-Tetso, who went missing on her way to a Crüe concert two years ago, is still gone without a trace, and it's implied an estranged husband may be involved somehow.

State police found a human skull and some other creepy crap in a cauldron in Conowingo.

Police are still looking for the Valentine's Day rapist of Arbutus, and have released a sketch.

Fledia Powell, nominated for a County panel for the disabled, is accused of talking crazy talk and pulling a shotgun on her son's girlfriend.

Whomever shot Russian intelligence expert Paul Joyal in PGC last week "did not, as law enforcement sources said, take his wallet, the victim's adult son said yesterday."

Charles: Whether Antoine Jones of Waldorf was one of the area's biggest cocaine importers and money launderers, or merely a successful nightclub promoter, the jury simply could not decide.
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O'Malley to China: quit eating our terrapins!


ppatin said...

Ed Norris's middle initial is T, not R.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Uhm, it's, like, the New York Times, I think they would know on account of checking their facts copiously, mkay?

ppatin said...

The Citypaper & ednorris.com both say his middle initial is a T.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that O'M has taken his mind off of po-dunk issues like the economy and crime and is focusing on our beloved terrapins...

...what a tool.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I'm teasing you PP.

ppatin said...

Whoops, I also just noticed the quotes around the R. Sorry about that.

Unknown said...

Well the trial is over... almost. the jury was given instructions, closing arguments given and tomorrow they deliberate.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be reporting good news.

In other news... Warren Brown was made to look like an idiot by a prosecution witness... all I can say for now about that is LMFAO!!!

SUPREME said...

Warren Brown was made to look like an idiot by a prosecution witness

Good for him!!! This is one of the problems this city faces...He Proudly rep's criminals, murderers etc. and laughing all the way to the bank spending BLOOD MONEY!! Hold your head Liz.....hopefully the jurors didnt reflect the "compassion for criminals" side of their communities and find him guilty on each every count!!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Wha? It's Tuesday and the trial will be done TOMORROW? Wha?

Unknown said...

They didn't need many witnesses.... some of them didn't even get cross examined by Mr Brown... and he called no one himself... I was a bit chocked it was so fast.

Give me a ring tomorrow Cybes I can tell you a bit more that I can't post here right now