Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11

kfcRozza Alston, 29, of the 1600 block of Saint Paul Street, pled not guilty at arraignment today. He was criminally charged March 16, 2007 with attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, assault, armed robbery and plain-old robbery. Court documents allege that on January 26, 2007 Alston accosted an elderly female victim in the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken located at 1821 Saint Paul Street demanding her purse. When the victim refused, he allegedly stabbed her numerous times in her hand, arm and chest. Police arrested Alston on February 3.

Jean Sierra, 21, of Owings Mills, MD pled not guilty at arraignment today. He was indicted by the Baltimore City Grand Jury for multiple counts of robbery, armed robbery and assault. Court documents allege that on January 16, at approximately 2:30 a.m. Sierra pointed a handgun at a group of three off-duty law-enforcement officers, (Jason E. Dietsch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Virginia state trooper and bagpipe player Michael McCann, and a Marie Burkhead, all in town for the funeral of Troy L. Chesley Sr) with the intent to rob them in the 2800 block of O'Donnell Street in busy Canton Square. Police responded and searched the area and detained Sierra, who was then allegedly identified by the victims. Sierra remains held without bail at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Speaking of the garbage problem, how great would that be if we could ban plastic bags.

No, it isn't an old headline... charges will finally be officially dropped against David Evans of Bethesda and two other Duke lax players indicted for rape and kidnapping in May of last year.
rodricks liquified by fotoshop
Rodricks: Community "call-in" urges criminals of the Western to get a clue.

PdJ: CarlCo's James Allen Gregory, 62, has been released from jail after serving 27 months of a 36-month sentence for a violation of parole in Washington State. Gregory violated parole by being hired as a handyman at the Rainbows and Reasons daycare center in Westminster in 2001, where he was charged with sexually abusing two 3-year-old girls at the day-care center and other locations and was given a 15-year suspended sentence. It's all very confusing.

Two people were killed by a white man in a basball hat during a Fredneck road-rage incident.

bleeds patchBaltimore Crime collectable: the "Baltimore City Police / Policing the City that Bleeds" patch. Notes the description: "This patch was designed by some of the Baltimore City Police Department Officers because of the high Homicide rate in Baltimore City. They feel they have no support from the Mayor or City Council, so this was a patch that was designed to show their displeasure with the lack of support."


Gor said...

Ewww, gross. So how long does anybody think James Allen Gregory will remain free?

John Galt said...

Howzabout the robberies by perps asking to make money change? Kinda inclines me to not stop or talk to anyone.

Anonymous said...

We should ban plastic bags. But we should fine all litterers, including the DPW garbage collectors that drop and leave almost as much trash as they collect. The city is filthy. I can't stand to drive or walk by an alley--garbage piled up and just left. Batimore, the city of crime, trash, and rats.

John Galt said...

Speaking of the City's public schools, Councilmam Keiffer Mitchell says "... and it won't happen while the interim mayor and so many others just accept the status quo,” , which, it seems to me, applies equally to the City's inadequate and out of control police department.

You say you want a revolution....

John Galt said...

You're worried about Gregory ??

Jeez, you should sit in on a session of District Court one day and see how many UCR Part II offenders just walk back onto your streets on PBJ or intervention. It's phenomenal.

BTW, I've posted the Part I offenses, Part II offenses, and NIBRS classifications on my blog for easy reference, 'cuz I keep forgetting which Part II are classified as violent and which nonviolent are still Part I.

burgersub said...

haha, did the state's attorney's press release really say "plain-old robbery?"

John Galt said...

She's not pointing the finger... but it's getting pretty violent around town.

Apparently, she's just noticed a lot of guns around here. And a lot of career criminals. Just noticed? Where ya been, baby ?

Meanwhile, neither the State's Attorney, nor the Chief Judge, nor the police Commissioner is stepping up to the plate to change a damn thing.

Good Morning, Baltimore.

John Galt said...

Just saw the Mayor's interview on the WJZ morning show.

She says she's going to implement 'Project Protect' in the most crime-ridden parts of the city, which intends to combat crime by addressing joblessness, education, and healthcare problems. Well, unless you're planning to provide really large re$ources, that's not gonna go anywhere. She said further that she was planning to focus on the most violent offenders, "because they're in the minority", by which she apparently means that the less violent offenders and their friends & families are a voting majority. Nice constituency you've got.

Catering to 'nonviolent' criminals and deterring only the most outrageously violent behavior hasn't worked very well in Philadelphia, whose violence has gone through the roof.

BTW, there's a new body discovered in a basement on West Coldspring & Pimlico as of about 4:30 a.m.

Maurice Bradbury said...

At first i thought that said "Project Project." Which wouls surely be kicked off by the foudning of a few committees.

jaimetab said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I'm knocked off my chair by the unbelievable idiocy of statements by Mayor Dixon and Lenny Hamm. These are people that have spent their entire careers in government and policing, yet they are stunned when someone points out that criminals are constantly let out onto the streets of Baltimore with suspended sentences and immediately reoffend. They immediately declare that they are forming groups to study the situation. Wow. How on earth can we allow these fools to continue in their jobs, even for another day?