Friday, May 11, 2007

Disposition on Case of Walter Lomax

From the SA's office (edited for style):
Today Judge Gale E. Rasin modified the life sentence of Walter Lomax, 59, to include no probation. He pled guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison suspend all but time served with unsupervised probation on December 13, 2006 following a sentencing modification hearing for his life sentence imposed in 1968.

Despite previous media reports, Lomax was not "wrongfully convicted" his sentence was not "overturned" and he was NOT exonerated of this crime. His guilty conviction stands. On December 13, 2006 Judge Rasin modified the original lawful sentence of life in prison and re-imposed a life sentence and suspended all but time served. Lomax received a guilty verdict for the 1967 murder of Robert Brewer, 56. Judge Rasin MODIFIED the original sentence to time served.

On December 2, 1967 Lomax entered Giles supermarket in South Baltimore. Lomax shot and killed Robert Brewer, 56, who was the night manager. In the process, Lomax also robbed the store. In 1968 he was found guilty of first degree murder, robbery deadly weapon and attempted robbery deadly weapon. He received a sentence of life for the murder, 20 years for the robbery deadly weapon the attempted robbery deadly weapon both to run concurrently. A post conviction hearing was held in 1986 and was denied.

A motion to re-open the post conviction and a petition for post conviction relief was filed on behalf of Mr. Lomax. Larry Nathans and Booth Ripke represented him. They were contacted by Centurian Ministries.

The family of the victim was contacted prior to the hearing and the proposed modification was explained to them. In attendance at the hearing was the victim’s daughter, two granddaughters and two great grandchildren. One of the victim's granddaughters gave a victim impact statement.

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