Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28

A body with gunshot wound(s) was found yesterday morning in the 2300 block of Cylburn Ave, near the Cylburn Arboretum.

Police don't know whether Moeen Raja's Ellicott City murder was a random crime, and Raja's family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The man murdered in Annapolis yesterday has been identified as 35-year-old Marcus Antonio Wells. It was the fourth homicide in Annapolis this year, which gives the capitol city a per capita murder rate of about half of Baltimore's.

Two men were shot at a playground in the 1100 block of Orleans St. on Tuesday evening.

An Easton police officer shot at a suspect and was placed on administrative leave.

Michael McFadden was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of 16-year-old Ronny Martin on January 1, 2006.

Vera Rennie Rogers testified in the Carroll County murder trial against her nephew, Shawn Anthony Jones. In exchange for her testimony, Rogers got a five-year suspended jail sentence and three years of supervised probation.

PDJ: Scott R. Davis got five years for trading pictures online of adults having sex with kids. Have fun in prison, Scott.

The debate continues over whether or not James Thompson deserves a new trial.

The Harford County Sheriff's Department has some sweet new digs.


Caederus said...

If channel 13 wants to help with Moeen Raja's murder they should start by getting the name of the apartment complex correct, its' "Howard Crossing" now. It hasn't been Town and County for several years. Only old timers call it that. Also what was he doing there at the time he was killed? It is a parking lot off of a dead end street, off of a dead end street off of Rodgers ave. He lived on a dead end street off of a dead end street off of 40. You just don't randomly drive by the place...

John Galt said...

Baltimore City, a nationally renowned loser.

Dopple said...

If we lost 20,000 residents in the past six years then why are housing prices so high? Shouldn't there be a surplus of places to live?

ppatin said...

Nice to know that only about 5% of our population loss was caused by homicides.

ppatin said...

"Shouldn't there be a surplus of places to live?"

Oh there are. The problem is that they're in parts of town where decent people fear for their lives.

taotechuck said...

"Oh there are. The problem is that they're in parts of town where decent people fear for their lives."

I don't think it's just decent people who fear for their lives in these parts of town.

John Galt said...

What I question is the legitimacy of a government which year after year, decade after decade allows/condones the structural crime to persist in those same neighborhoods. Basically, they've ceded those areas to the criminals, while holding the monopoly on police power within this jurisdiction.

It thereby guarantees that no one else can/will help the hapless residents of those forsaken neighborhoods. It's very evil. A higher-level government must step in and override the City's charter authority, which I maintain it has forfeited through decades of knowing malfeasance.