Friday, June 8, 2007

June 8

"It was incredibly disheartening to see a cab driver be shot, especially two doors down from where you live."
Baltimore living tip: Familiarize yourself with the location of the police stations in the neighborhoods that you frequent so if you're menaced by a raging driver, persistent masher, someone tries to pull you over who doesn't look like a cop, etc., call 911 while you drive there!

Police Districts with Maps:
Northeastern: 1900 Argonne Drive, 396-2444
Northern: 2201 West Cold Spring Lane, 367-8491
Northwestern: 5271 Reisterstown Road 396-2466
Central: 500 East Baltimore Street, 410-396-2411
Eastern: 1620 Edison Highway, 396-2433
Western: 1034 North Mount Street 396-2477 (still finding the map)
Southern: 10 Cherry Hill Road 396-2499
Southwestern: 424 Font Hill Avenue 396-2488

Keiffer Mitchell continues his quest for mayor by making big proposals with no specifics, a strategy that is certain to get him elected. The good news, though, is that he's helping to force the issue of crime to the forefront of the election.


You know those little glass vials that you step on whenever you're cleaning up after the junkies in your back alley? Those are used for fragrant oils, not smack.

Nancy Jones says she called the police five times after an intruder left a gun in her house, but the police swear she never called.

A man in HarCo was hospitalized after being Tasered by police.

Officer Perv du jour: State Trooper Brian H. Murphy was charged with possessing kiddie porn.

Maybe PG's ability to solve robberies improved after this guy left the force.

Sheila D. says violent crime is down, and today's Blotter certainly suggests the same.

Tiffany hearts Jason.

The Christmas Eve fire in Aberdeen has been ruled an arson.

In other Aberdeen news, a teacher desecrated a student's flag.

HoCo Circuit Judge Dennis M. Sweeney recused himself from the case of Brandon T. Morris after Morris tried to escape from Sweeney's courtroom last week.

Kidnapper / robber / home-invader Ronald Jerome Presco was found guilty of a whole slew of charges in Carroll County

In non-crime news, Cheatham is resigning.


Caederus said...

The last paragraph of Marbella's collum pretty much sums up who is responsible for controling crime.

"In cities where they have successfully decreased crime -- Boston, Chicago, New York to a certain extent ... Charlotte -- you had a more comprehensive approach," he said. "That is a tall order. You need a skilled mayor to bring that off."

So we start with the Mayor.

DurhamSt said...

OK is crime in the Southeast really non-existent or was this some VIP's car, because it has made the blotter June 8, 7 and twice on the 6th!

Theft // A global positioning system valued at $300 was stolen Monday from a 2000 Cadillac parked in the 3100 block of E. Pratt St.

Maurice Bradbury said...

OK, as no one else is stepping up I'll be the jerk here-- that cab driver threw a cup of coffee at the shooter's car, and his cab was in reverse when they found him. Threatening behavior! Someone who drove for a living ought to be especially aware of how many nutjobs are out there. In a city as PO'd and armed-to-the-teeth as this one is, throwing coffee and backing up and getting into it with people will get you shot!

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled, but not surprised by the story about the women who reported the intruder’s gun in the house.

I had a similar experience on a very different level. My husband caught several youths breaking in with a wrench and stealing bikes from a key card secured area of our apartment complex. He confronted them and then came upstairs, called the cops and requested their presence. This was about 6:30pm. Five hours and four phone calls later not one officer showed up. During each phone call the dispatcher claimed that there was NO record of my husband ever calling.

OK yeah they're just bikes and they're just kids, but crime is crime and all crime except murder seem to be excusable in this city.

We've finally given up and are preparing to move out to the county where hopefully our tax dollars will be worth something.

Anonymous said...

cybrarian there is no excuse for murder. Show a little respect for the un-armed deseased and his family please.

ppatin said...

I had a somewhat unstable ex-girlfriend who used to flip-off other drivers in Baltimore every now and then. I'm sure glad her stupidity never got me shot.

ppatin said...

"cybrarian there is no excuse for murder. Show a little respect for the un-armed deseased and his family please."

I don't think she was being disrespectful, just realistic. If I go for a walk down Greenmount Ave at 3 AM I am very likely to end up getting mugged. That's not an excuse for the criminal, it's the way things are around here.

Marc said...

Add that bungled no-knock raid to the map.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think she was being disrespectful, just realistic. If I go for a walk down Greenmount Ave at 3 AM I am very likely to end up getting mugged."

......true, don't see anything wrong with that? Isn't that sort of the point of this blog? I don’t want to accept that as a way of life. What we're all supposed to keep our mouths shut, hide in holes and never come out? Is that really the solution? Why don't we just allow these thugs to take over the Baltimore City administration?

Regardless, we don't know what happened that night. How do you and cybrarian know that the cab driver wasn't already at the point of having to defend his life when he threw that coffee?

Maurice Bradbury said...

of course shooting an unarmed person is wrong!
But if the driver was at the point of defending his life, you must admit that a reasonable person would get the hell out of there and call the cops, not back up the car and throw a coffee cup at someone!

Maurice Bradbury said...

So Cheatham's out, eh?
he must have been burned out if he was losing it about that stupid deer head. Maybe they'll get somebody in there that can make the NAACP relevant again!