Monday, July 23, 2007

Before I go, I must say I hope that Mangalore Chetan (or wait, is Mangalore a place?) will write more essays about our city that go into greater depth than "A City Called Baltimore - Pride Owner of Great Ethnic Variety"
Some of the streets of Baltimore give you a feeling of being in the outskirts of Mumbai, with tiny houses, lack of hygiene, people loitering about doing nothing. ... But how did it all happen? Just in the neighborhood of the Capital of United States, such a misery?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm from Bombay (or Mumbai) as the essay describes... though I've never felt as unsafe in Bombay as I need to in Baltimore, I've never battled an eyelid about staying out late, never had to take any extra precautions, and I've never known anyone in my personal life who was a victim of crime back home.
It's pretty ironic considering that the poor are really dirt poor. But then again, there they'd steal for the basics, here they mug you for buying drugs.