Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1

Charles Brockington was charged with second degree murder yesterday.
Charging documents allege that he killed Joseph Milton Johnson, Jr. 29, early Friday, June 29, when Brockington spotted Johnson removing tires from Brockington's 2006 Mercedes parked in front of his home. The documents further allege that in a ruse to return the tires and distract Brockington, Johnson returned to his car and drove away. While driving away, Johnson was struck in the left shoulder area by a 9MM gun fired by Brockington.

Damon Holmes got 40 years for killing Malian can driver Oumar Bah.

19-year-old Adrian Jones got nervous when he saw some cops, so he ran away then tried to shoot them.

With 155 murders at the year's halfway point, the Sun investigates the violence and the lack of outrage in the city. Meanwhile, WJZ has a story about a rally to stop the violence.

The Sun published Q&As with Hamm and Dixon.

Annapolis is having a rough time with crime, too.

Police are still searching for the two men who robbed an Edgewater Shell station last week.

Robberies and drug arrests in the Blotter.


ppatin said...

I took a look at Charles Brockington's record in MD Judiciary Case Search, the guy appears to be quite a scumbag. I don't think he should be charged with murder though. Killing a dirtbag who's committing a crime should be a lesser charge, something like animal cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Writing of crime in other areas (Annap), has anybody noticed the crime spree in DC? For the first time since I have been reading this blogger, in the last couple of weeks the DC rate has been much higher then Baltimore's.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, this Damon Holmes ain't no sherlock....but I am SO TIRED of hearing about these losers' lousy childhood as a defense in a murder case. Poor upbringing and family trauma should be cited when trying to solve the overall problems of poverty and the awful schools, but when an individual crosses the line, they should be punished to the full extent of the law. I'm with ppatin all the way on this. Believe me, If this zero had heard about some of his peeps getting beheaded for the evil shit they pull he would have been able to focus his polluted peanut brain to will himself NOT to shoot this innocent cabbie to death....Did you hear what his "family" said? "I feel y'alls pain" Oh brother, maybe they need to be holding his hand when they flip the switch and he rides the lightning up to the big crackhouse in the sky.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that in the Holmes household there weren't many arguments about who gets to read the latest issue of "The Economist" next.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to explain to the airheads at the Sun that there is a "lack of outrage" because anyone with half a brain in their head sees that those charged with protecting us are completely incapable of performing even the most basic duties at their jobs. You just have to read one paragraph of an interview with either Hamm or Dixon to realize that they are two of the dumbest people in the city. People with any $ are either leaving now, waiting until after the election to decide to stay or go, or moving within baltimore to more cloistered areas, if that's even possible. The idea of "moving to the fringes" or "urban pioneering"? That's dead for now. Those of you that bought vacants on Barclay or Guilford around 20th to 25th st, you can thank Hamm for giving it to you up the butt. Oh wait, he sez agg assaults and robberies are down! Sure they are, Hammster!

Anonymous said...

I really don't know where the Sun got this "lack of outrage" thing. They need to better check their facts, because me, most of the folks I know, and nearly everyone who reads this blog are totally f'ing FURIOUS about crime in Balto.

ppatin said...

"Oh brother, maybe they need to be holding his hand when they flip the switch and he rides the lightning up to the big crackhouse in the sky."

Heh, good one. Of course Damon Holmes won't be riding the lightning anywhere, this is Maryland. I assume that with parole he can expect to be a free man once he's around 30 or so. If I never need to commit a murder I'll be sure to do it in Baltimore, not in a jurisdiction where they believe in, oh I dunno, actually punishing criminals.