Friday, August 10, 2007

August 10

You may remember Owings Mills High alum Majid Khan, who held in a CIA "black" prison, probably in Poland, for three years and is now in Guantanamo. The NYker reports that the US government has argued that he has to be "prohibited from access to a lawyer specifically because he might describe the 'alternative interrogation methods' that the agency had used when questioning him." (Third paragraph.)

An unid'd man was shot to death yesterday afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. in the 3400 block of Dupont Ave. in the city's Central Park Heights neighborhood. No suspects, no motive.

Dwayne Erving, the 17-year-old suspected in Wednesday's double shooting on E. Oliver street, was also charged with attempted murder in September, in connection with shooting a man in a dispute over a pit bull last July. "Prosecutors put the July case on the inactive docket because the victim and witnesses -- including the boy's mother -- were uncooperative."

There'll be no more calling Tyrone (Henderson, 23). After eight gun arrests and no convictions, Rod Rosenstein and friends finally scored an indictment and now he could go to jail for life. Said Bealefeld III, "That doesn't just send a message to him; his buddies see that" they get eight free passes in the city.
(Note to self: GunStat = good, Gun Offender Registry = lame)

EllisoraclBaltimore's least-talented graffiti artist, Kenneth "Oracl" Ellis, is now in hot water for stabbing a man in the back twice in a dispute over a kitten. Ellis says he stabbed "Tiger" twice with three knives while hugging him.

Broadwater serves up the skin-crawly tale of a remorseful gymnastics coach who's going to jail for his bedroom collection of 21 pairs of kid underpants he got from the Lost n Found, and 800 videotapes, all of child pornography. (Lost and found?! 800?! Videotapes?)
This case arose from a nationwide investigation of a sophisticated internet message board conducted last year by the FBI. After determining that the bulletin board contained child pornography, undercover FBI agents used the bulletin board to post a link to a file on a covert FBI computer. The FBI captured the internet addresses of computers that tried to download the file, which was actually a non-pornographic image file.
... and 32-year-old Joppa firefighter Angelo Sudano sent actual pornographic (and lascivious) displays of minors to "a citizen," which also did not go over well.

One escaped Hickey teen was caught, but the other, 16-year-old Davon Julius, is still on the run somewhere in the city.


ppatin said...

Drug bust in the 2500 block of W. Pratt St.

"Agent Donny Moses, a police spokesman, said the drugs seized by the officers represent a half-day's worth of the quantity normally sold out of the house."

That doesn't sound like a very impressive amount. Why would they spend a month watching a house just for that?

crystalrae_005 said...

They spent a month watchin the house because they are not smart enough to realize that if you catch a drug dealer on the street you may not get all of the drugs... but you will get some and probably a gun bonus on a few... if the police looked around a little.

Gor said...

After the CIA is finished with Mohammed Terrorist-guy why don't they just put a round through his head and dump his carcase in the middle of the Indian Ocean?

If he is to dangerous to even talk to a lawyer, why is he still breathing?

John Galt said...

Maybe this is what Mayor Dixon meant by 'Baltimore is a safe city ?'

ppatin said...

Whenever I hear about Baltimore's Safe Zones I think of the UN's "safe areas" during the Bosnian war.

John Galt said...

Think I'm imagining police officers' declining to report crimes ?

It's not the first time someone's made the point.

Or the second.

Or the third.