Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23

Another dead body was found in Hampden. Should it go on the list?
...and we still haven't discovered the identity or cause of death of the other Hampden body found on July 30 (see #217).

How neglected are MD's juvenile justice facilities? "teenagers sleeping in shallow plastic bins on hallway floors"

A big bust in the SW netted guns that were coming in from Sykesville in exchange for crack.
Love that "fresh from the teleprompter" style!
Quote Of The Day: "The mayor has to get a handle on whatever she gone do.” -- Nadine Spann from the SW

Runner-up: "This was not a stupid Baltimore City jury.” -- defense attorney Linwood Hedgepeth on the aquittal of Zukael Stephens

HedOTD: "MD Teen Hate In Sikh Beatings?" - WBALz

In Columbia, HoCo, Christopher Scott Meckles, 45, shot his domestic partner, Inez Smith, in the knee.

More details on George Jenkins' guilty verdict (this was the guy who got five years for attempted murder, and shot his vitcim's brother, Demithrius Nushon Spears, upon release), this is a noteworthy story because it's a revision from the 8/21 featuring the first crime-story correction I have ever seen in the Sun-- very unusual.

A man robbed of $10.25 in the Western, a man attcked and kicked in the head in the Southern, stolen stuff, plus Pizza Hut employees robbed by a man with a wooden pole in the Blotter.

The good news: there's less human trafficking and sex slavery in the US than Dateline NBC might have led you to believe. Bad news, there have still been 1,362 victims in the past seven years. The only case in MD since 2003 was Javier Miguel Ramirez of Hyattsville, accused of pimping a 15-year-old girl.

This stupidity again: County Councilman Vince Gardina wants a bill to require that pit bulls to be kept in wire-mesh enclosures and muzzled when in public. Why this is stupid, let us count the ways: pomeranian
1. any dog can be dangerous; in 2000 a California a baby was mauled to death by a Pomeranian,
2. according to the CDC, the deadliest dog attacks are actually carried out by Rottweilers and
3. A dog's breed can be impossible to prove (are we going to only allow AKC certified housepets?) making any breed-specific legislation unenforceable. Q.E.D.


Carol Ott said...

Considering the fact that dead bodies don't usually get that way on their own(at least not here in Baltimore), I'd add it to the list.

Maurice Bradbury said...

yeah, but under a tall bridge is a little different, slightly more likely to be a suicide.
I guess since odds are we'll never hear about it again, it should be added for posterity...

Gor said...

What a poorly written article about the drugs/gun bust. Besides coming from a teleprompter, I think they spliced in a couple of sound bites.

david santos said...

Thanks for you posting!
Have a good week

taotechuck said...

There is no such breed as "Pit Bull," so any dimwit who wants to pass legislation against this breed needs to pull his/her head out of his ass and spend 30 seconds doing a cursory Google search.

What we refer to as pits are usually some mix of Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers, but sometimes your local ignoramus will successfully target Boxers, Great Danes, and Mastiffs under pit bull ordinances.

Oh, and it's a load of crap that pit bulls have locking jaws. Dogs that have been raised to fight have their jaw muscles trained to ridiculous levels of strength, but they don't "lock." St. Bernards' jaws are just as strong, since they were bred to drag full-grown humans through the snow.

If we want to pass legislation, how about we target the fuckers who raise pits for fighting? How about we target the piece of shit drug dealer who was keeping pits to protect his stash?

If we want to protect pit bulls, how about if we give them the right to vote? Sheila D. won't dare touch them then.

bdshayne said...

Perhaps we should license dog owners as we do gun owners?

Guns don't kill people. Our furry, tail wagging best friends kill people.

Sean said...

Huh? According the charts, pit bull-types "outscored" Rotts in all categories. They state "Rottweilers were the most
commonly reported breed involved in fatal attacks, followed
by pit bull-type dogs (Table 1)." But Table 1 shows pit bull-types involved in 66 fatal dog bites, Rotts in only 39. Um... does not compute! Error! Error! Faulty!

Am I missing something(s)?

Sean said...

Heh... yeah, we could even have Concealed Dog permits. I guess that would limit them to chihuahuas and such...