Saturday, December 15, 2007

If you are easily annoyed...

...don't read today's post!

Stats: only 16 percent of murder cases ever go to a jury, and in 2006, 27.8 percent of cases ended in the state declining to prosecute or an acquittal.
Wonder how that compares to other jurisdictions?

In what may well be the worst-written and most annoying op-ed piece of the year-- Olesker columns included-- the Sun's "Back of the Bus" compares rowdy students to victims of Jim-Crow segregation laws.

Mayor Dixon uses her crystal ball to probe the #64-bus attackers' souls, and reassures citizens that the beating was not racially motivated, in spite of the victims' reports that the attack was unprovoked, they weren't robbed, and "the whole time of the beating, it was white this and white that."
Meanwhile, five days after the attack the Sun's finally gotten around to covering the incident with 220 words and a nonexistent address. There are two new pictures though, a sixth guy and a second shot of the fifth guy:
Suspect #4?bus suspect #6

Some Southside/ New Era students feel that police used excessive force to quell Thursday's riot.

County police: "There’s no indication there’s organized gang activity in Towson." (The "county's crown jewel"?)

Gregory Kane on the Randallstown shooting verdict.

"The bandits struck three times in Carroll County ... 'It surprised me they'd do it around here in Carroll County---bust into a store,' said customer Robert Triplett, 'It don't make no sense.' But Maryland State Police say it made plenty of dollars and 'cents' for a trio of men who share the same last name from the same family."


John Galt said...

WJZ polls Do you feel safe taking public transportation [in Baltimore] ? 88% said No.

John Galt said...

The WBAL I-Team discovers the embarrasing stats on plea bargains vs. jury trial in Baltimore City.

And a local black socialist organization protests as unnecessary force and as a civil rights violation the shooting of a local armed robber by a police officer upon whom he had drawn his gun !

The lunatic fringe is in the majority here.

This is what I mean by a criminal City.

DBDP said...

Better yet, this morning in the online section the Sun didn’t even post the photographs of the individuals the MTA police are seeking. This afternoon, they finally did, but only after photoshopping the photos to insure the individuals are completely unrecognizable.

view Sun's photos here

compare photos to the ones published in the examiner and on baltimore crime.

Gor said...
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ppatin said...

I don't know if anyone here heard, but next week New Jersey is going to officialy abolish capital punishment. You can bet the pro-crime jackasses like sister Helen whatever her name is from Dead Man Walking will be coming to Maryland next. Ugh, score one for the criminals.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I did hear and I thought of you...
Dude/lady you just called a nun a jackass!

Baltimore_Yeti said...

I thought anytime someone beats the hell out of you it is a "hate crime". I mean you have to hate the person to do that sort of thing to them, don't you ?

According to Mayor Dixie Doo, it was not a "hate crime". So I guess it can be classifed as a crime of love?

Those thugs beat up that white lady because they loved her so much. God bless thier little hearts.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Jawauna Greene, the MTA spokesperson, was also on TV saying she didn't think it was a hate crime. Hate crime laws may have their problems, but that is just outrageous-- neither her nor Dixon had spoken with the victims or witnesses, not a single one of the perps has been identified, much less shared his motive-- what basis could Dixon and Greene have to presume anything at all, much less the gall to sit there and call the victims liars in front of the entire city?!

They're terrified that the "white people being targeted for attacks on Baltimore buses" story will go national.

And what excuse could the MTA have for taking four days to report that it happened and release pictures? Four days that the citizens had no clue there was a pack of violent guys going around attacking people. If the victims hadn't gone to WBAL would the story have even seen the light of day?

John Galt said...

The Southside/New Era riot is absurd !

These kids are assaulting one another over who has the better grades ?

Answer #1 Your academic performances aren't much to crow about.

Answer #2 Even if they were, academically superior students would engage in combat of a more verbal nature.

Just goes to show that the problem is not educational opportunity, but classically Baltimorean antisocial, hoodlum behavior.

A cityful of Neanderthals. If Baltimoreans all had Ph.D.s, they'd still need to be incarcerated.

It's just a nasty culture.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Where'd you hear they were fighting over grades? I think somebody's pulling your leg!
ps. those stats are horribly depressing.
But there is Poly-- the students who aren't rumbling in the stadium parking lot do pretty well.
("Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, another public school for kids who excel in science and engineering, last year sent graduates to Harvard, MIT, Duke and Cornell, and 14 went to nearby Johns Hopkins.")

John Galt said...

Quoth the Examiner:

"Tensions have been simmering because New Era students, who view themselves as more studious and believe Southside students are jealous. Southside students resent what they describe as New Era’s air of superiority."

Marc said...

I talked to my uncle last night, and apparently there are tapes from the bus cameras of the actual assault. The MTA doesn't want to release them (for obvious reasons), but there are FOIA requests pending.

He's doing fine, BTW - no broken bones or anything. He's still not leaving the city, though... I guess I'll have to lead by example.

Caederus said...

Funny how the sun equates a seperate bus system for the schools like segragation, while all of the counties have seperate bus systems for the schools. I guess the NAACP should sue to have public transportation implemented in every county of Maryland linking the schools to the neighborhoods.

John Galt said...


SSSssssshhhhhhhhhhh !!

Anonymous said...

Can't you people see? The good youths of Baltimore should not have to be isolated from all normal citizens. They're all only products of their environment. How can you expect them to behave like normal, civilized people? How, as a matter of fact, can any of you want the good people of this city to act like they're responsible for their actions? Surely, you all are racist.

As our great mayor has shown, keeping children in their own caged buses like animals is not the answer. Rather, we should stick to more wholesome approaches to the problem! Every violent little hoodlum has a good family person just dying to get out!

WatchDog said...

wow. this conversation is quite amazing and depressing. it also lacks substance.

i've lived in this city for a decade and in a rough area. and if we're interested in talking about crime, i think it's only fair to place it in the proper context.

i'm embarrassed to admit that racist feelings towards black people enter my mind quite frequently while reading baltimore news. it's difficult to deal with being an city resident but those feelings subside once i allow myself to realize again the true reality of this violence.

it's centuries of racism and oppression coupled with the effects of our capitalist system. and it's all rooted in the history of our policy; undeniable evidence of how we created this.

i work in education reform and i can't tell you how many city kids want to do well, want to go outside and not be bothered by the overbearing drug corners and gang violence in their communities. schools are funded locally by mostly property taxes; do you think these schools will produce good students funded by a poor tax base?

poverty. there's too much to say about that but a lot of simple comments i'm reading lack the insight and thus are contributing to the problem rather than trying to understand and solve it. it took centuries to get where we are now, and it's going to take a long time to create balance; that's only if we do the right thing this time.

Caederus said...


don't try the underfunded schools line of bs. Baltimore spends almost as much per student as Montgomery County , but produces a vastly inferior product.