Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lawyers: Teens Demeaned

Unshockingly, lawyers for two of the alleged teen-boy bus-beaters held a press conference to say that their clients are innocent and were misidentified.
UPDATE: you can watch the press conference on the Sun's web site. Yawn.

Boy vey! The Sun reports that Israel Shapiro (not to be confused with rabbi Ephraim F. Shapiro, or "Dateline" rabbi David Kaye), a former bar mitzvah lessons teacher in Baltimore's Orthodox Jewish community, was charged yesterday with sex offenses that allegedly occurred nearly two decades ago against a then-12-year-old boy and his brother.


Carol Ott said...

So I guess the woman on the bus beat herself to a blood pulp? Oh. My. GOD.

badfish said...

that the bus driver hasn't come forward (or rather, been subpoenaed at this point) to detail what he saw (and he can't plead ignorance cause he has that huge-ass mirror above his head, and i assume he has two functioning eyes), really pisses me off. they (the MTA) should force him to describe exactly what happened, or else he should have to pay the ultimate price and...be put on administrative leave (sigh).