Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14

Shootings, shootings, everywhere! A Hopkins employee was shot outside a food store on Greenmount Ave., a man was shot in both legs on Biddle St., a teenager was shot outside a Chinese restaurant on Belair Rd., a man was shot in the foot on Herndon Ct., and some dude was robbed at gunpoint of his lottery ticket in Owings Mills (but not shot).

Four people-- three teenage boys and a girl-- were arrested for the murder of 16-year-old Joshua Gibson in Essex. The suspects and the victim did not know one another, and police say Gibson was attacked for "no apparent reason."

Headline that sounds dirty but isn't: "O'Malley urges DNA collection"

No criminal charges will be filed against Anthony McCarthy, Mayor Dixon's former communications director who was accused of "inappropriate" behavior. So we'll probably never find out what he was accused of.

The skateboarder is getting his 15 minutes.

Hey, Carl the carjacker, maybe you should'a thought about getting a lawyer before the day your trial started. Guess the courts beat you again!

The city is working with other cities to... get this... create a database! (Didn't see that coming, didja?) This time, gun offenders are the target.

A couple of New Yorkers got caught stealing in Annapolis.
Handy tip: "The women ... had 'boosting bags,' or shopping bags lined with aluminum foil, to avoid setting off security scanners at store exits."

A 12-year-old Mazda got stolen because the owner was (allegedly) too damned lazy to turn that little thingy that sits on the side of the steering column. Fortunately, the thief crashed the car almost immediately afterwards.

Wow. Unless we start doing some crimes, I'm going to be stuck linking to articles about restaurants who leave customers with useless gift cards.


Maurice Bradbury said...

"Unless we start doing some crimes..." Charles are you going to embark on a life of crime just to have something to blog about?

And allow me to rant here, "gift" cards are tacky and thoughtless. Isn't the whole point of giving a gift is that you take the time to pick it out? Or if you take them out to dinner that you enjoy one another's company?

"Happy birthday! It's too much trouble to pick out a gift for you and I don't want to be seen dining with you, but I demand you shop and eat at the venues of my choice. If you do not shop or dine at said venues, or you lose this plastic card, a donation will be made in your name to the Crackpot corporation. Love ya bunches!"

taotechuck said...

That was more of a collective "we." Personally, I limit myself to crimes against good taste and/or the English language.

Sean said...

...although Home Depot cards are among my favorite gifts of all time, due to the blessings/curses of owning an old house

LucidSplash said...

I no longer attempt to purchase actual gifts for my teenage siblings. They hate everything on principle that it came from their uncool older sister and all they really want is clothing and I do not live close enough to take them shopping myself. So giftcards it is. Teenagers suck in general though.

LucidSplash said...

Also I second Home Depot giftcards as great gifts. I would think it was weird if someone gave me a bag of rocksalt or a no dumping sign as a gift but that's exactly what I would buy if someone gave me a HD giftcard about now.

Caederus said...

My son loves gift cards for Barnes and Noble much more than just a book. He gets to buy the books himself. "Daddy go stand over there I'm buying this book myself."

ppatin said...

One of the advantages of being male and in your 20s is that high-end alcohol or meat prodcuts are always an acceptable gift for most of your friends on birthdays or other events.

taotechuck said...

Huh. When I was in my twenties, high-end pretty much meant anything that wasn't St. Ides.

ppatin said...

Happy Birthday! Here's a 30-pack of Boh.