Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24

The Easter Bunny brought a basket full o' killing yesterday: one man was fatally shot at 7:20 a.m. in the 3700 block of Ravenwood Ave., and another man's body was found in the 3400 block of Wilkens Ave. at 6:40 last night.

There were several unsuccessful murders over the weekend as well.
  • There was a double shooting yesterday afternoon at the corner of Park Heights Ave. and Spaulding Ave.
  • On Saturday afternoon, a man got shot in the leg. "The victim and a witness twice changed the stories they initially gave police. Police believe that the victim accidentally discharged his gun and shot himself while trying to escape from a robbery in the 300 block of Collins Ave. in West Baltimore.
  • On Saturday morning a 21-year-old with a "long criminal record" was shot and likely paralyzed in the 500 block of N. Decker St.

On Thursday night, a 54-year-old man was shot in the right leg in the 900 block of Druid Hill Ave. Also in the Blotter, a 90-year-old woman's wedding ring was stolen.

Someone firebombed a Middle River family's home in an apparently random attack.

Why wasn't there better communication when 15-year-old Tyisha Brown disappeared?

The family of Tracey Testo is still hoping to find out what happened to their daughter when she disappeared three years ago.

Annie Linskey takes a mighty interesting look at the Southwestern Flex Squad. Meanwhile, the NAACP says former Flex Squad commander Robert Smith should be reinstated.

A man was stabbed during a fight in Finksburg, and the stabber was arrested.

The Examiner talks with Pat Jessamy about fighting crime.

Hey, HarCo: If you want the Guardian Angels, you need to step up and volunteer.

The latest issue of Harper's has the following tidbit: "Number of times that U.S. media have called John McCain a 'maverick' since 1995 : 6,757." Apparently, we have a less heralded maverick right here in Baltimore County.


ppatin said...

Awesome article about James Brochin. That guy is my hero. It's so nice to have a pro-death penalty, fiscally conservative legislator who isn't a bible-thumping social conservative. Also, this paragraph makes me hate Mike Miller even more than I already did.

"Soon afterward, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said, he changed the seating arrangements in the Senate chamber "just to send a little teeny message" to Brochin. "I moved him back one seat," Miller said. "He wouldn't give us a single vote on anything, and we had to move the state forward.""

"Move the state forward." Wow, Miller really has some nerve. I've hated a lot of politicians in the past, but I've hit the point where I hope that Mike Miller gets cancer so he has to leave the legislature.

ppatin said...

Apparently Pay Jessamy is not familiar with the Bill of Rights:

"Guns are lethal weapons, and [owning] a gun is a privilege. "

Didn't they cover the second amendment where she went to law school?

ppatin said...

The actor who plays Sevino on The Wire was stabbed in the ass last night.

John Galt said...

PPatin, careful how you voice your discontent about Mike Miller: O'Malley may sent the State Police again to charge you with making a death threat.

No one wants these guys dead; just maybe stabbed in the ass a few times.

'Hey, if local government is going to be a pain in my ass,....'

ppatin said...

True, I suppose Mike Miller hasn't killed anyone, so I should really only wish discomfort on him not death. How about Hodgkins Disease then, that has like a 90% cure rate, doesn't it? He'd probably survive, but might have to leave the Senate. Sounds like a good compromise.