Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 4

A man was killed on W. Lafayette Ave. last night, and another man was wounded on E. Hoffman St.

The body of one Joram Shijenje, 34, was found in an Essex parking lot at about 1 a.m. today after gunshots were reported to police.

Anthony Underwood was the man who was killed Saturday on Denmore Ave.

The powers-that-be named the three cops who were involved in the killing of an unidentified man during a grocery store robbery on McElderry St.

Two stabbings and a busted nose at Club Choices, aka Club You're Gonna Get Your Ass Beat or Killed If You Come Here.

There was a car chase in Brooklyn early this morning, and WMAR tells us that "A man once scene dangling out the window was trapped, and seriously injured." Sounds like a seen from a good movie.

Sarah Kreager took the witness stand, and said she can only ID one of her attackers.

The drug cops in the Central have been very busy.

More on Little Melvin at the Examiner, and it's pretty danged interesting.

Would TV news ever fan the flames of fear in order to boost ratings? Absolutely not. Meanwhile, "Students at the University of Maryland around the College Park area are worried and with good reason." (Note. Don't read the article if you're worried about serial snugglers.)

PDJ: Pass the child porn, Dahling!


Maurice Bradbury said...

Shezis the Sarah Kreager story gets more horrifying. And let's refresh as to what psycho Nakita McDaniels got:

"Baltimore Circuit Judge David W. Young ... sentenced her to 40 hours of community service and community commitment at least until December, and ordered her to undergo an evaluation and counseling. He also ordered her to attend school every day, arrive on time, not speak publicly about the incident and write a letter of apology to Kreager."

(and, ahem, "none of the three attorneys so far has challenged Kreager's testimony that McDaniels started the fight.")

Now why, I ask you, would they make a deal with the ringleader before trying the other five? What am I missing here? And are there no other witnesses who can place the other five at the scene (or is that seen)?

badfish said...

just because she cannot identify them doesn't neccesarily mean they are innocent, nor does it mean prosecutors will be forced to drop the charges. as i believe mjb was trying to relate, if people on the bus who witnessed the attack would come forward, then perhaps the correct assailant(s) could be placed at the scene.

also, let's keep in mind that kreager suffered severe trauma to her eye and head, and that she was in a rather crowded bus--suffice to say that it was probably a pretty confusing, chaotic situation, one where she could not see many of her attackers. this makes the need for witnesses all the more important, for both sides of the case.

finally, seriously, grow some balls anonymous. i tend to think ad hominem arguments and insults don't belong on something as "anonymous" as a blog, because, as you illustrate, people can hide behind that opaque curtain without fear of retribution of any kind. if you are going to use childish insults, then at least register.

Maurice Bradbury said...

An anon had a point that Nakita McDaniels wasn't the one who took a plea, it was someone else. My mistake, but don't expect comments with insults in them to stick around!

My five-year-old has better manners than you, anon!