Friday, May 9, 2008

New City Paper feature

Anna Ditkoff has started a new weekly feature on the City Paper web site where she follows up on closed homicide cases to see whether or not the person who was arrested was actually convicted of the crime. The first installment looks at murder cases from early 2006.


Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder how many murder cases have been closed this year. Any idea how to find that information?

gmd said...

There must be a good direct source, but I couldn't find it. Anna Ditkoff puts out the arrest info in her Ink columns; but not in a statistical format. includes this raw info as well in its maps, together with links to the criminal history of those charged. I have tried to keep a running count this year. I have recorded 69 homicides to date with 16 closed (arrests for 14, one suicide, one killed by police).

Cham said...

That Anna is a real pip! She's the most important person Baltimore has to offer at the moment.