Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay, here's a post that Anna Sowers put up today. I'm just going to copy and paste the whole thing here, because I'm plagiaristic like that. Also because there's nothing I could add that Anna didn't say already.

For those of you who don't find Jessamy and Co. to be a group of shining stars, here's your chance to speak up in a very focused way.
I will accept nothing less than a public apology from Margaret Burns and Patricia Jessamy. In addition to the public apology, Mrs. Burns must publicly retract the statements she made to Exhibit A.

A reporter who spoke to Ms. Burns last week said that she will be sending me a letter of apology. I don't want a stupid letter. I want a PUBLIC apology and retraction. Burns said in the Baltimore Sun article that she was misrepresented. Well then, explain why. I'm not going to let this be something that just blows over.

Zach Supporters, you all have to continue to help me keep pressure on Jessamy's office. Thank you all so much for your help thus far! Burns cannot get away with stating these things. She has undermined me (especially in my quest for Zach's Law) and hurt Zach's family, friends and supporters everywhere. Like I said before, she can very candidly come out and explain why she thought Zach looked like "a sleeping baby," why she stated that he "probably injured something in the fall or he had a pre-existing condition. There was no evidence of the vicious beating, no evidence of stomping" Explain it all Ms. Burns!! The whole city is waiting for you!

I called Ms. Burns's office and cell number on Thursday morning. I emailed her on Thursday night. It is now Monday morning and I have heard nothing. A close family member actually got through to Ms. Burns on Thursday and when asked if she saw Zach, her answer was obviously NO, and when asked why she said what she said, her answer was mostly "I don't know." And then she claimed that she made those comments based on the information she received from Mrs. Jessamy. She seemed quick to point the finger at Mrs. Jessamy. Well then, Margaret Burns and Patricia Jessamy can both publicly apologize and retract the statements.

We're all waiting.
There's also a detailed story on the case and aftermath at the Urbanite Magazine site. And Adam Meister continues to be riled.


Unknown said...

NOW IS THE TIME. We can dump Dixon and Jessamy NOW. Not at the next election. Youn want friggin outrage? Here it is. Let's expose these criminals. We need national media attention. Let's force their resignations, or start investigations into how they purposefully under report crime, don't prosecute violent thugs, hand out suspended sentences for murders, etc. Stay focused. We can get them out in a matter of months, if not sooner.

ppatin said...

How would you suggest that we dump Jessamy? You can't recall a State's Attorney.

ppatin said...


"and ppatin, it's great that you read that whole article wherein the guy repeatedly says he's glad the robber is alive and that he wasn't trying to kill him, and the conclusion you draw is "vigilantism fuck yeah! too bad he didn't kill him!" at least you're consistent."

I was out of town for the weekend, so I wasn't able to respond to this, but shooting someone who's coming at you with a knife is self-defense, not vigilantism. As for his statement that he's glad he didn't kill the guy, I can respect that, but since we the taxpayers now have to pay for the scumbags medical care and imprisonment I would prefer it if he'd used a more powerful weapon & left the scumbag dead.

ppatin said...

Apparently at Columbia Sudhir Venkatesh is known as Sudhir Venkasketch because he likes to invite female undergrads over to his place & serve them generous amounts of wine...

s_baghaii said...

ppatin, your last comment was hilarious. Where did you find out about Venkatesh's reputation?