Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26

Woodlawn apartment manager Milton John Barnes III might have gotten killed for trying to make his complex a better place to live.

Remains that might be human were found near Rocks State Park in HarCo.

A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted while receiving dialysis has come forward because it's been a year since she filed charges and nobody has been arrested.

Police are seeking McClayton Daniels for possible involvement in seven burglaries.

Fashion thieves are running amok in the Blotter.

16-year-old Damon Simpson pleaded guilty and got 15 years for fatally shooting Charles Hargrove last year.

Raul Garcia got two years for selling guns in the can at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington.

Thanks to everyone who tried to intelligify me on the Sheila D. case in the comments a few days ago. I particularly liked Mr. Meph's
Martin O' worries
Bobby Haircut's comeback near
Does Sheila have dirt?
and Betsy's
Dixon is corrupt as her environment; getting the big picture means dismantling Maryland’s political elite, so the investigation focuses on mink coats.
That's my kind of cynicism! Meanwhile, today's articles on the big Dixon include Sheila getting mad, Sheila getting honest, Sheila getting gifts, Sheila being a survivor, Sheila being not totally aware, and Sheila's money getting linked.


ppatin said...

The Supreme Court should be releasing its decision in Heller v. DC (the gun rights case) within a few hours.

ppatin said...

The Heller decision just came in, and DC's gun ban was truck down. Score one for the rights of law abiding citizens.

badfish said...

just barely, keeping with the style of this Court. still a big victory nonetheless.

John Galt said...

From Gaelic, Baile an Tí Mhoir, or more familiarly Baltimore, translates as:

Land of the Big House

Yep, these folks have largely spent time in the Big House, and gotten out on parole.

Or, in other words, the Criminal City.

And (as yet uncharged) Sheila is bucking to be the most Monumental criminal of all.

John Galt said...

'Tis a far, far better article I publish now....

A Tale of Two Cities.. Baltimores both A & B.

Indeed, we are living in a Dickensian nightmare.

Cham said...

How can a pair of sunglasses be valued at $300? I can go to the dollar store and get you 60 pair for that price.