Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday evening

Being in this blog is like being in the Godfather or the Crips or something. I retire, you throw me a big fancy retirement party (thanks for coming out, y'all), and four days later I'm reading shit in the media and blogging about it. I get out, and they pull me back in. Sigh.

With that said, Baltimore Cynic is my new hero. And if you didn't read Sean's comments a few days ago, you really should. Keep it up, Sean.

Over the weekend, 27-year-old Eric Little got into a booze-fueled spat with his 17-year-old brother, Calvin Ray. Eric 'fessed up to stabbing Calvin, then the cops told him Calvin was dead. It's not often that I feel much sympathy for killers in this town, but something tells me that Little had no real intention of hurting his little brother. It's a rough case no matter whose perspective you view it from.

The last paragraph of the link above has 30 words on a double shooting on Braddish Ave. in West Baltimore that left one man dead. (I'm not sure whether or not you saw this one, Cynic; finding bodies in the city's media is kind of like finding eggs at an Easter egg hunt. It's tricky at first, but after a year or two, you learn all the good hiding places.)

WMAR actually wrote something semi-comprehensive about the two teens who were (allegedly) tortured for (allegedly) ripping off Christopher Johnson's PS3. Why teenagers being beaten, burned, and sodomized over a video game system isn't front page material is completely beyond me.


Maurice Bradbury said...

ha HA! I knew you couldn't stay away!

I am so wise said...

Give Eric Little life in prison without parole and, presuming no other siblings, and natural selection will do the rest.

The Baltimore Cynic said...

Chuck, I bow to you - Its your world, I just live here...

And I think that you're right, it will be a challenge to find all the murdered bodies in Baltimore. Teach me, Obi Wan!

John Galt said...

Tough to find bodies ??

In Bloody-more ??

Now that's funny.

Anywho, we've got a little robbery spree downtown.

taotechuck said...

TBC, your flattery will simply expand my already over-inflated ego, causing my head to explode and me be classified as a "suspicious death."

All I can tell you is that if an article talks about one murder, there very well might be another down at the end of the story. And check Irwin's police blotter religiously, because that's where a lot of victim IDs end up.

Galt, I didn't say bodies were hard to find in Baltimore, I said they were hard to find in the media. Bless you, Anna D., for doing what you do.

taotechuck said...

As for today's news, I have two words: Stabby cabbie. Or Whack Hack, if you prefer.

Bmore said...

Cop got "pap-pap'd" in the chest this morning in S. Bmore..he was wearing his vest..