Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This One's For the Children

El jizz reports that a nine-year-old girl was shot at South Caroline & Gough Streets!

A four-month-old baby was missing for two days, taken by someone named "Nay Nay," but this is the first we've heard of it! Shouldn't someone have issued an Amber Alert or something?! (ps. Hey WBAL, 4-month-olds can't toddle!) ... more detailed story from the Sun

Attorney General: 58 percent of juvie offenders completing youth programs were re-arrested within a year after release.

Dwayne Erving, 18, attempted to invoke the Bush Doctrine in defense of his murder of Taavon Mitchell. He got 10 years anyway.

"Man, 80, beaten by son with hammer, Arundel police say"

Also an AAC, the 6th murder, a man shot through his bedroom window

Baltimorean Jamar Gattis moved to Idaho, got beat to death anyway

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I am so wise said...

Assuming that Dwayne Erving's claims are true, let us be frank- What else could he do?

Remember, city police only recently began doing their jobs effectively this year. What are the odds that city police would have helped this guy out?

Also, assuming city police could be bothered to earn their paychecks and do their jobs, what are the odds they could have helped this guy? Between their own idiocy, the idiot jury pool, and Jessamy's antics that would have gotten a convict and prevented retaliation?

It's not like he lived in Baltimore County where people behave themselves and law and order exists. City residents have created a war zone to waddle in.