Thursday, October 23, 2008

#180, 181?

Another mysterious body, this in the 3500 block of Pelham Avenue in the Northeast.
(Thnx Glt)

The man shot by Coldstream Park Elementary was ID's as Dontay Monroe, 18.

Thanks to reader Dan who pointed out a numbering error in the toll-- the city has now had 180 murders. Which is still a remarkably low number.

The system works sometimes! A judge overturned Bruce Lamdin's decision to evict a domestic-violence victim at the expense of her knife-wielding husband.

Monday, police shot and wounded a man in front of Belmont Elementary School. Here's hoping it's once of those freaky city schools that doesn't have windows!

Drug dealers are getting probation, and Pigtown residents are puh-issed!

.. and speaking of, if you're transporting contraband, try going the speed limit, mkay?


I am so wise said...

I like to say, if you all vote for me as mayor, I'll transform some buidling to a local Gitmo where multiple felons will be locked up without trial until I stripped of power or I find a clown cannon from which to launch them into the Inner Harbor.

Also, I'll bring about the death penalty even if I have to have ppatin do it in a blood stained basement office of city hall.

And upon my seizure of power, I'll bring back Ed Norris and personally, through your tax dollars, pay for whatever the fuck he does with the women he hangs out with. Provided he stops belly aching about getting caught.

Finally, I'll make all forms of government handouts from paychecks to welfare checks to contracts require a sign letter from your kid's teachers stating you're making an effort to be involved in their education. Bad parents won't get paid.

At some point, this will bring about new jobs and development allowing me to lower property taxes.

I am so wise said...

multiple conviction felons. Stupid LDs.

buzoncrime said...

Has anyone noticed that in the last couple of weeks there has been a murder just about every day--sometimes two?

I hope I'm wrong, but I see the crime really escalating as we get closer to Christmas and the sun goes down earlier, and the economy continues to tank.

Paige said...

usually though, crime goes up when it's HOT outside. because more people are hot and active and outside interacting with each other.
the idea that more people are out and shooting because it's getting dark earlier is possible, but that's not the pattern usually seen anywhere.

buzoncrime said...

Though the summer months typically evolve into a lot of street violence, particularly when it first turns real hot, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is often one of the highest crime times of the year. There's a lot of shopping going on, cash and valuables on the street, and people are thinking about the holidays.
Criminals want to have a Christmas too. And it is usually dark in winter here about 5pm. With the hoods up, in the dark, suspects are hard to identify. And weapons are easily concealed; it can be a time of a lot of street robberies, in addition to increased larcenies from stores, and offices, and cars.

In fact, in January in Baltimore, there are often a horrendous number of shootings and murders-despite the cold. That has been a pattern for most of the last decade. I would be happy to proven wrong scientifically, but that has been my anecdotal experience.