Thursday, November 27, 2008

205, 206

An un-ID'd man was fatally shot on St. Lo Dr. near Lake Clifton High School yesterday evening, and police are unsure whether the victim is a teen or adult.

A few hours earlier, a dead man was found in a BMW in Cockeysville.

39-year-old Isiah Benjamin was the man who was fatally shot while sitting in his girlfriend's car in the 6600 block of Eberle Ct. on Saturday night.

Michelle Ha is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Tips on how to shop safe, including "book it to the car and hop in."


Vita said...

Any idea what happened Wednesday night at the intersection of Fleet St. and Patterson Park Ave.? There was police tape up one block away in all directions about a dozen patrol cars there.

Seems that maybe West Canton is an up and coming place to get shot in Baltimore.

Unknown said...

My name is Shadia Benjamin .. My father was fatally shot down on the streets of Baltimore, I think that the police department did a very poor job ..... its been 2 years Smh !!!