Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More on Annie McCann from PP. Maybe it wasn't homicide. Very odd.


Anonymous said...

she looked very thin. almost as if she had an eating disorder. i was very worried about her when i saw her for the first time last year standing on the english hallways alone waiting for class to start like she always did. after school, she always walked around the school with this boy this year. maybe the police should ask him if she has ever told him of her problems at home and why she wanted to be free. i think deep inside annie really needed help. her and i weren't so close but she did seem very nice because a cute smile was always on her face. those who know her....was she anorexic or anything?
R.I.P Annie west potomac will miss you

Anonymous said...

annie did not have a eating disorder she was just a thin person and how dare you even suggest dat i think that is very rude and discoruteous annie was a very talented artistic person i KNOW THIS BECAUSE I ACTUALLY KNEW HER!!!