Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prison-Industrial Complex

"... the fastest-growing, least-examined type of incarceration in America, an industry that detains half a million people a year, up from a few thousand just 15 years ago. The system operates without the rules that protect criminal suspects, and has grown up with little oversight, often in the backyards of communities desperate for any source of money and work."

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Baltimore_Yeti said...

What a hack job by the NY Times !

"the jail held hundreds of people charged with no crime"- illegal entry into our country is a crime and these people are awaiting deportation.

"people caught in the nation’s crackdown on illegal immigration."- we as a nation have a right to secure our borders and regulate immigration.The "people caught" were here because they broke the law.

"propelling detainees toward deportation with little chance to protest." - illegals only have the right to deportation. Once they get back home they can contact the US embassy in their country and apply legally.

Should we allow anyone that is here illegally to stay ? No

It's not fair to the law abiding people who work hard to gain permission to legally come to our country.

Anonymous said...


You are fighting a liberal agenda that is formulated out of emotion. You cannot argue the facts with the people who wrote that article.

Let's hope that the NYT goes belly up.

Mr. Mephistopheles said...

I've got news for you, Mel... many conservatives favor illegal immigration. Don't believe me? Then why don't you go conduct a survey that includes the folks who work at Wal-Mart Corporate in Bentonville, AR, members of your local Chamber of Commerce, and the current President of the US?

Stop getting your news from Sean Hannity and use your f---ing brain.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the NYT is a bastion of conservative thought in the USA. Forgive me for being in error on that one.

I personally don't read anything Sean Hannity says. Quit making knee-jerk (emotional) assumptions.

So, in your own words, f--- off, Meph.

buzoncrime said...

Yeti and Mel--- You are both right that illegally being in this country is a crime. And yes, those who violate the immigration laws should be deported. But what the article reports is exemplary of the dysfunctional immigration/guest worker policy this country has had for a number of years that is simplistic, irrational, and punitive toward people who are struggling to survive in drug-infused Mexico (where hundreds of police officers, soldiers, and public officials have been killed so our yuppies can smoke grass and our everybody can do coke). Buz believes the Times meant that they didn't commit any crime, except for the immigration violation, which is explicitly acknowledged.

I think: if the employers who used illegal workers were prosecuted, imprisoned and severely fined, you wouldn't have any illegal workers. Betcha: (23-1)it has hardly happened; and betcha (2-1) it ain't gonna happen. Restaurants, construction companies, and lawn care services depend on cheap labor so that their goods and services are cheap--and I didn't even mention farms and crab-shelling places: We gringos can look in the mirror: we don't wanna pay nothing for anything. Hardly any accident that Wal-Mart is one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world--if not the largest.
Mel--the tone of the article is oriented to the treatment of the detainees. Any thug in Baltimore arrested for raping or killing gets a phone call or two or more after his arrest, for example. Probably Zach Sower's killer is treated better than some of the folks in this story.
I don't think the NYT will be out of business soon: it is widely regarded by many as head and shoulders above any other newspaper in the country. Of course, it has a liberal slant, especially on its editorial page, as the Wall Street Journal has a conservative slant on its (the Journal is head and shoulders above any other paper on biz news.)

I hope neither goes under.

I hope all readers of Baltimore Crime blog have had a very pleasant Christmas with family and were free of crime and other unpleasantness.

Anonymous said...


The NYT is mortgaging the building they are in to generate operating income. They are also trying to sell their ownership share of the Boston Red Sox. So all is not well financially with the NYT ( as it is for most newspapers today ).

Cham said...

Illegal immigration is a bad idea. If the US is so desperate for workers it should have a guest worker program in place. This game of musical chairs with illegal immigrants is ridiculous. Expecting foreigers to pay $3K to some creep so they can lead them across a 120 degree desert with no water is insane.

Rounding up illegal immigrants so that some cash strapped jurisdiction can earn $100+ per day per immigrant from the federal government is pathetic. Who is to blame for all of this? We are.

buzoncrime said...

Mel--thanks for the update; you're right: most newspapers are in trouble, except for a handful--like a large proportion of all businesses in these hard times.

Cham--I tend to agree with you.