Sunday, December 7, 2008

copious amounts of makeup fighting the ravages of time

The York Daily Record explains Highlandtown to Pennsylvanians: "You look at these women. You can get an STD just looking at them."


Unknown said...

It is a shame really. If you remove the area north of Lombard and south of Route 40 from Highland to Eaton, the neighborhood is much improved. It just seems that they can't get control of the area.

I live about three blocks away and the we try to do our best to chase the problems back over there. We have been successful so far and get pretty good police support but we are still hurting from the Zach Sowers incident and recent murder on 200 Clinton.

That said, my house is for sale not for wanting to leave but because of a job transfer coming in June. I will miss it here but I do welcome the relative safety of suburban Kansas City.

ppatin said...

A 14-year old kid was gunned down last night. Very depressing.

ppatin said...

Here is something that pisses me off:

"An officer is required to stand guard outside the mayor's home 24 hours a day;"

That pisses me off to no end. The mayor does not deserve 24-hour protection for her goddamn house! It's bad enough that police manpower is wasted on an unnecessary security detail, but making a patrol officer provide 24-hour security for her home? This city's entire political establishment needs to be guillotined.

Caederus said...

"This city's entire political establishment needs to be guillotined."

I think that's why they have an officer outside the house 24/7